Today I got this sick eager to play a computer game. First I tried out with The Sims 3, which didn’t work, I need to reinstall it again, damn it. And I can’t be bothered.

So I went upstairs to have a look at my “vintage” computergames and after a long while of thinking, I decided to go with BackPacker Junior, simply because I’m badass at the jobs as soundengineer, makeup artist and nurse. However, this game is you know,from ’98 so I wasn’t sure wheter it would work or not. But it did. Until I was gonna select my hometown. I tried it approx five times before I gave up and went upstairs again.

The game I REALLY wanted to play was Disneys Hot Shots Timon & Pumbas TailDance, however, the CD is missing. So that was a no can do. And then I figured I’d go for the old school Roller Coaster Tycoon (the very, very first one!) But that CD was missing too. Where the hell is all my CD’s…

But then, as I digged in the papers and books and whatnot were lying on that desk, it glanced to me. The game, that many,many years ago started my entire interest in the journalistic career. The game who basically educated me in the delicious art of digging up information on whoever you want, the game who taught WHERE to turn and how to do it.

What game is this? Well this game is called just JOURNALIST. I found it pretty randomly amongst my mothers games many many years ago, and after I played it, I decided I wanted to be a journalist for real. And look where I am today. Sometimes, inspiration is found in the most odd places and when you least expect it. I’m glad I came across this game, and it feels well good to play it again, after all these years. Always.

And they say that playing comuptergames are bad for you…

// Sara

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