Helsinki 19-20/11 -11.

That’s an extremly… sophisticated title. Sorry about that, but I couldn’t figure out anything better! Anyways yes, as you probably knew, I spent my weekend in Finland, for the fourth and last time this year, unfortuneatley.

As usual, the trip began at midnight from where I live to Arlanda, and I mean you know the drill. Thing is I had to planned to sleep on the bus, I like went out of bed around 2pm, even went riding in the stable to make sure I was tired enough to sleep. But could I? Of course not. I had even put on The Ark on lowvolume to make sure I’d sleep well. But no, didn’t work and after a while I said fuck it. But a bit later, when I had HammerFalls “Chapter V” playing, on HIGHEST possible volume… Lets say the last song I heard was “Hammer Of Justice” and all of a sudden, I hear this creepy voice talking, and I’m like what the fuck. Looking down on my ipod. Turns out I had been sleeping throughout the entire album! (I began on Fury Of The Wild, in case any HammerFall diehards reads this, so technically not the entire album, but from H.O.J) So well, now I know that for next time I’m going somewhere, if I wanna sleep, I shall put on HammerFall and turn it up.

You know what I love? I love the neonsigns that is right before you get into the “arlanda-village”. The only thing I hear in my brain is “You know she likes the light on the neonbroadway signs…” I wish that I one day could capture it good on a picture. I guess I need a really good camera for that, cause mine failed to do that.

Anyways. For this weekends occasion, my plane didn’t leave at it’s usual 06.40 as it always is when I go to Helsinki, it left at 8 sharp. And I got there 04.30. What to do? Well. You go inside, look up the fanciest bathroom you can, lock yourself in and try to sleep. Which I failed, because I get so stressed out trying to sleep inside bathrooms. I’m so scared some staff is coming and unlocking or something like that. Sleeping in airports I can do, but not in the bathrooms. After that you have breakfast. On the bathroom floor. To keep the trip cheap I had brought breakfast from home so… yes. Glamorous, don’t you think?

Filthy glamorous, but that’s how we roll. Eventually, the time actually passed and I fell asleep on the plane, Seriously, I just realized how boring it is. I usually LOVE travelling because you can listen to music and daydream, but I always end up doing spasmic sit-dancing when I travel, and you can’t do that in planes because there are so much people. And also, you can’t dream away, because you need to keep your eye on the “fasten seatbelt” sign. So… yeah. Maybe I should continue sleeping. Either way.

I kinda liked being there late, not so much hours ’til hitting it! But as I awaited the germans (Antha, Alex, Eva), I just had a nice coffe and, yeah, I was of course still kinda sick, not sick as I couldn’t move, but as a sore throat… Yes, having coffe, getting ready and then… not meeting up with the germans. Because haha, I had left for their arrival hall, HOWEVER, they had went to Terminal 2 instead of going out at Terminal 1, so it was a FML moment. But we solved it easy – I got on the bus at T1, and they at T2. SAID AND DONE, reserved a fourseat thing and the moment we got to the busstation at Terminal 2, and I saw Eva and Eva saw me… HAHAHA, People must have thought we were retarded! Typical us.

Anyway.. Yes. We had a nice ride to downtown, and as we saw Argo awaiting us in the centre was also a moment of retardation. We were a bit worried on the bus if we’d find him, but as I said. “Wheter we find him or not – he will find us.” And well, he did! We grab fast…. no. SLOW LUNCH at McDonalds. Seriously, Antha and Alex had to wait… half an hour?! For their chicken nuggets. We said Antha maybe had to go slay the chicken herself. Or the black crowes. HAHA, internjokes.

As Eva went off to see a finnish friend, we others went shopping. Uhm… I think we went to like, Eurokauppa, Ninja, BR Leksaker, Cybershop and Morticia.. With various result! I found a couple of stuff in first three mentioned and Alex got some new badass pants at Morticia. After that, met up with the very best Jasmin and having dinner at McDonalds… again. Before we left for Bäkkäri.

We had a nice walk there. And at a roadcrossing, Argo just randomly started to talk to this guy there. I was like, what the fuck, is he asking for the way maybe? Then I recognized the person. Joni Master. You know, I was told he was coming, but I wasn’t really.. thinking much about it. But all of a sudden, he just… were there!!! I must say though, he is a real cool guy! I imagined he would different, considering what he is like online, but I honestly enjoyed hanging out with him! Hope that will happen again!

Yes, we hit Bäkkäri and we were the first people there. CAN YOU IMAGINE.. typical us though. It’s like queueing. Always get there early. But you know, we ain’t the shy ones. We ain’t the boring ones. So we just sat down, undressed (I mean… jackets.. what the hell?) ordered a few drinks.. and… “Would You Love A Monsterman” comes on…. Do I really need to tell you more? Well. The party started hahaha! I wonder what the manager thought. Ah hell, he must have seen worser things than this!

Green Room opened at 10pm right, and who were the first in? HAHA NOT US. Actually, a few persons beat us, but ok. We were ALMOST first in. And that place… was confusing. There where thousands (almost) different ways you could go and I was mainly like, Ok, sure, why not. We located the wardrobe, put away our stuff and located the stage. Front row! YAY! Or something like that, I hate this no fence thing so I.. step back a bit. Not for pressure, It just… you know… sitting in the lap of the band. And I’ve been sitting in Lemons and Cruzs laps enough so… Well, herefrom it was just insane. Dancing, partying and just awaiting the first band, Apezone!

They were good. Not exactly the kind of music I’m usually into, but I really liked their energy and, I mean, it didn’t suck! Great opening!

Next up was Honey Hellraiser, and the crowd (thank god) grew a little bigger for them!, Yeah, Apezone didn’t have that many in the audience sad to say : ( But at least they got it better, and yeah well.. It was great, as usual really. The audience seemed to have a lotta fun and love the kind of spirit “fresh” bands have you know? I’ve always (yes, it’s ok for me to say ALWAYS now when I see the third gig!) enjoyed HH the most on these concerts. Great, awesome. Just great.

And yeah well then.. Stala and SO.! They were good. To be honest, I have seen better… and they have taken away One Nite Stand! Highly disapprove. But oh god, did Eva and I have a good time? HAHA that is to say the least! I love going to concerts with crazy people, it gets so much more fun. But yes, Concert was fine, but could be better. I also wish Sampsa would you know, losen up a bit. Freak around a bit. Wouldn’t hurt him!

Bands off – Party on! It was just like in Helsinki last time, just a bit better range of music! Dancing, drinking, singing… I just love it. Eventually, and sadly, the germans and Jasmin had to leave, sadest moment of the day. I hate goodbyes. I really do. “Last Call For Alcohol” came on and for the second time ever we did a proper jenka to the song.  The finnish people were looking SO suspiscious on us, but I promies you babes, we will make it happen.

Both me and Argo stayed at Harris place for the weekend, so it was basically just for us to head there for a small afterparty. Argo tried out the electric drums, haha, what a sight!  But you know. There ain’t much more to say about it! For this occasion nor me or Argo had early ship/flights so we could stay a little longer. Had an awesome time, there is nothing better than discuss music with people who knows it.

You know, I kinda lost track of time. So I thought I was almost gonna be late for departure. But you know what happened? DELAYED. OF COURSE, OF COURSE! You know, I was already in kind of a rush you know for the busses home to Karlstad, and the plane kept getting delayed (its like Juha said; Universe doesn’t want me to leave Finland). But eventually we did take off, I got home, and made it to the bus and everything.

This was one of the best weekends, in my life, EVER. I hope this will happen soon again. Real soon. I miss all of you. Heavily.
Hollywood whore, passed out on the floor, can’t take it no more, I’m sorry but the party is over

// Sara


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  1. Joni Master Says:

    Nice blog. 😉

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