Finlands entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2005, one of my faves that year.

Which is kind of bullshit, because 2005 is the best Eurovision year I’ve ever seen. It was only two entires (“Le Grand Soir” Belgium and “Lorraine” Bulgaria) that I didn’t enjoy that much, but they aren’t bad (If you compare to Ireland 2008 for instance… what the fuck…). My absolute favourite entry 2005 was, as you all know by now, Moldova, Zdob si Zdub and their “Boonika Bate Doba”. It was Moldovas first year actually, but Moldova has become one of my absolute favourite countries when it comes to Eurovision. Only one year have they disappointed me, and I think that was 2008. But then again, 2008 was such a messed up Eurovision year that I barely even cared for 2009… and when you’ve managed to get me to not care for ESC, congratulations Haters, you made it!

But now I’m back in the game haha, and considering my first live Eurovision year holds an internetmeme, and my second year held Zdob Si Zdub I can’t wait to get to Azerbaijan. Rumors has it Jedward (Ireland 2011) is gonna be back, love it!

Actually, ESC 2005 influenced me a lot. My emailadress is the same as the band Zdob si Zdub, just reversed. My homepage, www.littlebylittle.hk.ms has got it’s name from the Lithuanian entry by Laura and the Lovers. Maybe you thought it was Oasis or Alice Cooper, but really, no. And of course, we have Norway. Wig Wam – In My Dreams. The band that for real dragged me into the world of (sex, drugs and) Rock n Roll. It was Hate At First Sight, but after a while I just came to love them. They were suceeded by The Poodles whom were succeeded by Lordi and so on…

And PERFECTLY, I end up on the subject Lordi, which was even thought being the mainsubject for this entry, since we TOMORROW, or, TONITE, leave for Lichtenfels and Lordi! And of course HammerFall and a bunch others but still. MIXED FEELINGS LIKE SHIT; BUT ITS OKAY.

I’m almost finished packing, should finish that NOW and go eat. So.

Goodnight, and see you tomorrow.

NP: It Snows In Hell – Lordi
// Sara

One Response to “Why”

  1. Jösses vad du kan om eurovision. Jag kan, om jag anstränger mig, kanske komma ihåg vilka som vann förra året… ehhm… nej det kudne jag visst inte. xD Fasen!

    Sv: Ja det är lite tråkigt att det finns de som missunnar sina vänner kärlek när det egentligen inte finns någon anledning. “tjejregler” kan vara fruktansvärt idiotiska ibland.

    Kul att åka med på sina polares spelningar. Jag gör det med min brors band ibland också. Men jag tror även de där banden spelar musik jag vanligtvis inte lyssnar på. Sen att jag överlag är dålig på att hålla koll på band. 😛

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