I’m Blue

I’m blue da ba de ba da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai… You gotta love the techno from the 90’s. THAT was quality. Good stuff.

When I put on the song I got an interesting seizure, started to dance the most ridiculous dance ever. And I just can’t stop, so it’s taking me extra long to write this blogentry…

In just two hours my dear friends, will I leave, once again, for Finland. My mood from yesterday has gone up a little little bit, so now I at least got some sort of inspiration. Sad part is, I’m packed and done. I’m not used to that, to be done so early. I need that little little stress of not being done in time. Damn.

But okay. What am I gonna do in Finland really? Maybe there are readers here who haven’t kept up pace.

Either way, I’m going to a concert. And it’s Stala&So., again. It’s the third time I see them this year, but I’m kinda mindfucked over the fact they “changed” the venue. They usually play at On The Rocks, in my opinion, the best nightclub I have ever been too. But today, they play at Bär Bäkkeri. It’s pretty legendary, apparently it got drinks named after Lordimembers, and you know, that’s pretty digg. Other rockstars too of course, but that don’t impress me much you know.

Supporters are, of course, Honey Hellraiser for the first, and yeah yeah, I know, the Honeys don’t ALWAYS support SO., but whenever *I* go see SO., they play with them. That’s sort of a condition for me to even go see SO.. The second supportband is Apezone, and to be honest, I have never heard of them. Maybe I shall do a little reaserch, maybe not.

Probably not, I’m just gonna go and make myself even more ready than I already am. And seizure a little bit more to Blue. I’m blue da ba dee ba da dai…

NP: I’m Blue – Eiffel 65
// Sara

One Response to “I’m Blue”

  1. Hej! Tack för att du kommenterade min blogg. 🙂

    Kul att du har samma åsikt. 🙂 Det kan ju vara känsligt det där med ex, men ibland sätter man nog ett tabu bara för sakens skull tror jag. Bryr jag mig om min vän och om mitt ex (som en vän) så vill jag ju deras bästa, och om deras bästa är att få vara tillsammans så ska ju inte jag komma och förstöra det, bara för att.

    Jag diggar verkligen din blogg och hoppas du får roligt på konserten du ska på. Även om jag inte hört talas om bandet. xD Haha.

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