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Sabaton @ Conventum Arena, Örebro, Sweden 19/3 -17

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Then, and again, sing of 300 men! Two days has passed before it was time to yet again witness the Swedish warmachine live in concert. I was even more excited this time around, and I guess it has a bit to do with the fact that I was going to see Sofia for the first time in what feels like FOREVER. So around 13 in the afternoon I got in the car and headed off toward Örebro. Once arrived, we enjoyed a really nice dinner (Sofia’s a chef) before getting ready for the show catching up with each other – it sure as hell has been some time since we last saw each other.

A little bit before the doors opened we finally got in the car to go to the venue. She lives a little bit outside, and then we spent the next half an hour or 45 minutes cruising around Conventum trying to find a parkingspot. The fact that Twilight Force was our soundtrack at the time made it to quite the epic adventure. And gladly, we found a spot close to the venue and could then finally get in. Once inside, we didn’t have to wait too long until the first band started.

Twilight Force

They came onto the stage with their hymn of battle, starting off the set with “Battle of Arcane Might”, to a not so convinced audience before continuing with “To The Stars”. The quest continued with “Riders of the Dawn” before heading into “Flight of the Sapphire Dragon”, which FINALLY woke up the audience! Glad to see. The band delivered very well though, it’s one of those bands that are simply fun to see live.

“Gates of Glory” was the next song on the list before wrapping up with “The Power of Ancient Force” and then they left the stage.


Accept went on stage right on time as per usual, and unlike Norrköping it sure as hell was NOT an Accept crowd tonight. But, despite that, the band delivered really good, and this time around, I really found myself enjoying it quite a lot! Thank you guys!


And again… the unreal moment when you hear “In The Army” echoing through the speakers and the adrenaline is turned up to a 100. It seems to me that no matter how many times I see Sabaton, I’ll always get that fucking kick of adrenaline everytime I hear the intro being started. “The March To War”, Joakims announcement and they start off with “Ghost Division”. Arena exploding. So happy to see.

They followed up with “Sparta” which has very rapidly gone from being a “meh” song for me to be one of my favorite live songs. And I just love the performance with the extra Spartans. It adds so much, you know?

“Blood of Bannockburn” was next on the setlist, a song that has also come to grow on me quite extremely. It appears this song simply need a few listens, after all. “Tommy’s Choice” or “Swedish Pagans” was next – but this time the audience beat Jocke and Tommy to it, and “Swedish Pagans” was a fact. I wonder if this song will ever leave Sabaton’s set?

The bells appeared behind the band, and again my personal favorite appears – “The Last Stand”. Seriously,  it is still a bit too early to say that this song is my absolute favorite of Sabaton, but it is a strong contestant to “The Art of War”. But the live version of it, so to put it, just fucking kills it.

After this…. it is time for “Carolus Rex”. All fun and games. The audience is on edge. They are so ready for it to come, and then… “All embrace me…. It’s my time to rule at last…” and the whole audience died out again. Exactly the same situation that happened on Sweden Rock five years ago. Gladly, Jocke realized his mistake and changed back to Swedish. I found it so fascinating how absolutely unforgiving the audience is whenever they start singing any of the Carolus songs in English. Loving it.

This followed by a two minute ban for Jocke where the rest of the members performed “Gott Mit Uns”. This song is such a riot live – not “Amen and Attack” kind of riot, but a riot nonetheless.

“Diary of an Unknown Soldier” starts echoing followed by the epicness that is “The Lost Battalion”. My love for this is just growing so big, I still have the feeling inside me from the first time I heard the combination of the two.

“Lejonet från Norden” was the next song on the list, followed by the beautiful acoutstic moment with “The Final Solution”. Like I said before, it’s a heavy song lyric wise and quite frankly, it gets even more intense peformed this way. I love this.

“Resist and Bite” is the next song on the list, quite the riot and followed by the bombregiment 588, which still holds, at least after seeing the show a second time, the position of being the best moment of the night. Seriously – THAT INTRO. Can we just take a little moment to absolutely appreciate this moment.

They later continued with “Winged Hussars” which is a PERFECT fucking ending – the perfect discharge of the last little bit of neckmuscles you still have, before letting them leave the stage for a moment as they start up a battlefield.

The new intro for “Primo Victoria” consist of a movie from the battle in question, as they start firing off and exploding pyrotechnics which resembles the same explosions you see on the movie screen, and some extra effects. It will never be like an actual warzone – seeing we are safe in the concertarena, but it still gives you idea of the sudden explosions and you never know (at least not the first time) when the explosions will go off.

They run on stage with “Primo Victoria”, and the Örebro audience was really giving it to them. “Shiroyama” was next song on the list, followed by my favorite MOVIE of the night, “En Livstid i Krig” (I still don’t favor this song a lot, I’m sorry)  before wrapping the whole set up with “To Hell and Back”. What an absolute discharge.

This show was amazing. And there is something huge watching Pär wave the Swedish flag highly as “Masters of the World” echoes in the speakers – it’s such a difference seeing them as opposed to seeing them 11 years ago. I love this band so much, and I’m so proud to have gotten to be a part of their journey from a small little band to world domination.

After the show, we headed straight home, sat around and talked for a little while before it was time for me to head home to get ready for work. I’m so ready for next week.

// Sara




Sabaton @ Himmelstalundshallen, Norrköping, Sweden 17/3 -17

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So, finally. Finally it was time to hit the road again, or perhaps this is the wrong thing to say seeing I saw Epica just mere weeks ago, but it was FINALLY time for Sabaton again. I got the tickets back in September, so really, it has been quite some wait!

Since this gig was in Norrköping, and within my “three hour radius” I got into my, as I call it, festival van and steered the wheel down south, straight from work. Or actually not. I had managed to forget my base make up bag at home, so I had to stop by the shopping mall right next to McDonalds to pick up foundation and some dinner. And then, I was cruising down.

I made it to the venue, who, much to my happiness had a large parkinglot making everything much more convenient, just as the doors opened which was perfect for me, as I didn’t need to wait long in line to be let in. Once inside, I hit up the bathrooms and then down the venue, which, to my surprise wasn’t very filled. It was only the frontrow, and BARELY even that, that was filled on the floor level. Very interesting.

After some wait, Twilight Force finally started.

Twilight Force

So, I had only HEARD of this band previously, but once checking them out prior to the tour I more or less fell in love with them, and I was very excited to get to see them play, finally. And like… this is exactly my cup of tea. Have I ever told you how much I love conceptbands? If you hadn’t already figured it out, I’ll just say it again: I. Love. Concept. Bands. And this concept is perfect. I loved every single moment of the show. Thank you!

The band walked off the stage and thanked for themselves, and after some wait, Accept entered the stage.


So… Accept is one of those legendary bands that I never really fell for. They are not bad, but they are not supergood in my own opinion. I recognize and respect everything they have done for the genre, trust me, but I never fell quite in love with them.

With that said, they delivered an amazing show though. I thought initially that it’d be a long wait, that I had rather seen them switch place with Twilight Force, but I enjoyed it more than I expected to. Perhaps it was because of the very Accept-y audience, I don’t know. But they delivered a really good set, thank you guys! The only thing I do need to give some critic to the massive problem with feedback – I don’t know who does Accept’s sound, but seriously, it was PAINFUL.

And then… the anticipation. I’ve seen Sabaton 17 times before tonight, and despite that, I still get butterflies and anxiousness before the show starts. And then, then “In The Army Now” starts, which is the new opener if anyone missed that (as opposed to “The Final Countdown”) it all just goes away. And then…



They started off, yet again, with “Ghost Division” and I’m still having this love-hate relationship with this song. It is a great opener but damn. Come on. Imagine if they’d said “THIS IS… SPARTA!!”. Only me? Okay. Next song on the list on the other hand, was indeed “Sparta”. With Twilight Force as Spartans. Loving it.

Next on the list was “Blood of Bannockburn” – a song I came to love more and more on the way TO the show actually. I wasn’t a big fan of it at first – not because it’s different, but I just.. Didn’t like it. But, it grows. And it was a basic riot seeing it live, seriously, so good!

Next song on the list is “Tommy’s Choice”… Which isn’t so much Tommy’s choice as it is “Swedish Pagans”, and I don’t know. This is one of those songs that I do actually love, but I’ve come to hate because of the annoying crowds I guess. It was still really good though, I will say that!

And then… I saw the screens with the church bells and I knew instantly what was to come – my absolute favorite off the last album – “The Last Stand”. And it is really just that fucking amazing live. Best moment of the night, did you hear that?! Fuck me this was good.

“Carolus Rex” followed suit, with Jocke in his carolean jacket and then “Gott Mit Uns”. As someone who holds “Carolus Rex” as an album very highly, this was pleasant moments. Then came the speech. About the argonne in 1918. That speech that made me speechless when going to Sabaton Open Air. And then…

“The Lost Battalion”. Seriously, this song is so simple, yet so epic. These boys really, really, know how to create and arrange music, together with Tägtgren of course. Amazing.

And then came the big surprise for me – which was much to my happiness because I’ve missed the hell out of this song – “Lejonet Från Norden”. Seriously, I love this song so fucking much and I’m so happy it’s back.

After this nice piece, a piano was brought out and they performed “The Final Solution” acoustic. And seriously… It’s a heavy song you know, lyricwise, and this kind of setting just made it so beautiful. I loved it. I don’t even know what words to use anymore, because it was just that good.

“Resist and Bite” was next song on the list, followed by what, well, at least used to be, my favorite moment of the show, and trust me, the moment still gives me goosebumps – “Night Witches”. It’s just… Damn.

They wrapped up the set with “Winged Hussars” before leaving the stage, returning with “Primo Victoria” – without the speech actually, which was weird, but okay. “Shiroyama” was next on the list, before wrapping up with “En Livstid i Krig” (I still love the video with the babybears) and finally “To Hell and Back”

This show was really good. The thing with this band is that they always deliver. They had a better song selection this time around, so I’m content, but I guess that after a few times seeing them it starts feel like the same upbeaten tracks. But, nonetheless, they do entertain.

After the show, I retreated to my car and started my cruising home.

// Sara

Start a Fire

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Finally! After many ifs and buts, when I finally came home from my last couple of tours, my dear little tank had arrived. I hadn’t had the time to get around to open it until very very recently though, but all I can say is FINALLY. Like, FINALLY. Oh how I’ve waited for this little precious!


So, the box it came in was equally as pretty though! But let’s take a closer look of it, shall we? To be honest, I’m not much for “preserving” the mint condition, as I have no plans on selling it – and if I ever reach that point of desperation, I don’t think it would’ve mattered.


Here it is in all it’s glory. It’s a replica of their own stage tank Audie, and I love the details.

details details2birdsview

All I need now is a Hannes actionfigure with a drumkit to put on top of it and it’s ready to go!

Along with it came some additional treats: The dogtag with the number, some additional picks and yet another CD. So this marks my THIRD CD of “The Last Stand”. And as you guys know, I hate having duplicates, so getting YET ANOTHER of the same album… Well, I should be thankful I guess.

It also came with an autographed card. How sweet.

inmate793 postcardsabaton thetankeditionwtf

For it being late, we were also sent a bottleopener made out of a drumstick for consolation. It’s… funny, but I must admit I don’t know if I’d ever use it. It seems a bit fragile… But who knows?


Well. That is pretty much it for this blog. I’m really excited to have my little tank at home finally, and it’s joined the shelf with Epica’s earbook of “The Holographic Principle” and the House of Gold and Bones from Stone Sour. It does inspire me to start re-do things in my room… We’ll see what happens, shall we?

// Sara

Sabaton – The Last Stand

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So finally, after a few ifs and buts it’s time for me to write about this album as well. “The Last Stand” is the 9th studioalbum from Sabaton and is, as the title suggest, dealing with the topic of famous last stands, the final battles. I must admit, I did have quite high expectations on this album – as I’ve always come to have when it comes to Sabaton.

At first listen, I was a little taken aback by “Sparta”. The more recent opening tracks has been pretty fast, in your face kind of songs, while this one is… how do I put this, slower? It’s calm in a way, the calm before the storm perhaps. But it is very, very big, or large, on the other hand.

The album picks up it’s pace a bit already in the second song – “Last Dying Breath” and keeps on in a pretty usual Sabaton-kind of manner. It’s very big – as usual – big choirs and epic arrangements, but it’s also pretty bland. It’s just… like one line. Songs melting together at times, aside for the few oddies like “Ballad of Bannockburn” which is probably the most out-there song on this album.

Something that makes me a bit torn about this album is how easy it is to place some of the songs on previous albums. It’s not simply that the sound is similar, but down to the fact that I can say “Ah, this is this song!” the most obvious one being “Winged Hussars” – basically the result of “The Carolean Prayer” and “The Art of War” having a lovechild, with the only exception of “Ballad of Bannockburn” who’s completely off the trails, as far sa Sabaton goes.

It’s a very, very typical Sabaton album. You got the big, epic songs like “Sparta”, “The Last Stand” and “The Lost Battalion”, the songs that are a bit more low-key and heavier such as “Hill 3234” and “Rourke’s Drift”. However, perhaps I’m just cheated by “Shiroyama”, but this albums feels… a bit softer? Perhaps it’s the added layers and layers of keyboards that gives me this feeling, but I would have no problem seeing “Shiroyama” in Eurovision, for instance.

Something though, that I simply loved and that took my breath away on the first listen of this album – “Diary of an Unknown Soldier”. I’ve already told you many many times about how much I love the orchestral arrangements before “Nightwitches”, and this sort of intro to “The Lost Battalion” just left me breathless. That kind of build up before a song… Sabaton, they know how to paint with music. Perhaps I’m the only person in this world feeling this kind of passion, but I just cannot get over how amazingly made that combination was.

My personal favorite song on the album, on the other hand, is “The Last Stand”. I love the cheerfulness, the epicness, the melody lines… I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this song is. Seriously get’s my adrenaline pumping.

I’m a bit torn. It’s a fine album, and as a fan I really love it. As a critic, I’m not THAT impressed with how similar it is at times, but on the other hand – I’ve been listening to this album non stop since it was released, so I guess that says something. All I can say is – I love Sabaton more than anything in this world, and that didn’t change in the slightest with this album.


// Sara

Winged Hussars

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I’ll make a quick break in writing about Sabaton Open Air because of an unexpected early delivery in the shape of the Tank Edition The Last Stand! It was expected tomorrow, but gladly, for me, it arrived today! Seriously, I came home from work for a quick lunch when I saw the big package from Nuclear Blast and my insides essentially exploded. And now, several hours later I finally got to sit down with it and go through it.

The first thing that greeted me when I opened the box was a Rhapsody of Fire album, more to be exact “From Chaos to Eternity”. At first I was confused, and then I remembered it was the surprise CD that Nuclear Blast would throw in. Amazing! And I’m so happy it actually wound up being a band I like a bit, and wanted to check out more for some time since I got “Into the Legend” through AFM.


Move on to the big box! First and foremost, it came nicely packaged in a, well, almost stylish box! Will be awesome once you start decorating an apartment, you know?


When opening the box, the first thing that greets me is the photo, that actually turned out to be a twosided photo. On the one side, it’s the “The Last Stand” motive, and on the other side it’s a picture of Sabaton. I must admit, I have yet to decide what side I’d want to put up. I actually really love the artwork of “The Last Stand”, so I might as well fram it that way.

bildis2sida bildissida1

Next up was the large fold out poster. I’m stuck with this one, because it was big, but I did expect it to be bigger. I’m not disappointed though, it’s still a good size!


And then it was the vinyl. I’ve been waiting for this, to be able to crank out “The Last Stand” on vinyl… Seriously, I can’t wait to do it. I’ll probably do it tomorrow or something.


Then, I was greeted with the three picks. These are actually an item I never really understood, but I guess it’s sort of fun? They looked pretty nice, though.


And lastly… the earbook. And ok, so let me tell you something funny about this.

Ever since the “Carolus Rex” album, I’ve been fancying these little books Sabaton makes – you know, the albums that looks more like a real book rather than a CD case. It’s sort of unusual for me, who don’t even like digipacks, but I guess I remember the feeling of standing in the line for the signing session in 2012 and learning more about the Caroleans in that line than I ever have in school, and I just like that feeling you know? So I got the album, as I already told, on Sabaton Open Air. I was a little worried, that I’d end up with complete doubles but then I saw a picture of this album and saw they weren’t the same. Oh yay.

I just didn’t realize how different they were.

You see, I do have a small section, next to my leopard patterned CD stand where I put oddly shaped CD cases, like Taylor Swift’s “Red” or Sabaton’s “The Art of War” you know, the edition that included the book by Sun Tzu. However, I am not sure at all that this earbook version of the CD will fit there.


IT’S SO HUGE! Yes, you are all free to laugh at me. I have actually never had an earbook version of an album before, and now I’m starting to get a bit scared about the Epica pre-order I’m about to place… I sort of you know, like regular albums that fit into regular CD stands, haha! Oh dear god.

I did notice I’m missing my dogtag, so I’ll go over the box again some other time to make sure it isn’t in there, and then talk to Nuclear Blast about it.

However, I am sooo pleased with this order, and now I’m just eagerly awaiting the tank itself. I’m so excited! I just love these sort of special editions.

// Sara