Winged Hussars

I’ll make a quick break in writing about Sabaton Open Air because of an unexpected early delivery in the shape of the Tank Edition The Last Stand! It was expected tomorrow, but gladly, for me, it arrived today! Seriously, I came home from work for a quick lunch when I saw the big package from Nuclear Blast and my insides essentially exploded. And now, several hours later I finally got to sit down with it and go through it.

The first thing that greeted me when I opened the box was a Rhapsody of Fire album, more to be exact “From Chaos to Eternity”. At first I was confused, and then I remembered it was the surprise CD that Nuclear Blast would throw in. Amazing! And I’m so happy it actually wound up being a band I like a bit, and wanted to check out more for some time since I got “Into the Legend” through AFM.


Move on to the big box! First and foremost, it came nicely packaged in a, well, almost stylish box! Will be awesome once you start decorating an apartment, you know?


When opening the box, the first thing that greets me is the photo, that actually turned out to be a twosided photo. On the one side, it’s the “The Last Stand” motive, and on the other side it’s a picture of Sabaton. I must admit, I have yet to decide what side I’d want to put up. I actually really love the artwork of “The Last Stand”, so I might as well fram it that way.

bildis2sida bildissida1

Next up was the large fold out poster. I’m stuck with this one, because it was big, but I did expect it to be bigger. I’m not disappointed though, it’s still a good size!


And then it was the vinyl. I’ve been waiting for this, to be able to crank out “The Last Stand” on vinyl… Seriously, I can’t wait to do it. I’ll probably do it tomorrow or something.


Then, I was greeted with the three picks. These are actually an item I never really understood, but I guess it’s sort of fun? They looked pretty nice, though.


And lastly… the earbook. And ok, so let me tell you something funny about this.

Ever since the “Carolus Rex” album, I’ve been fancying these little books Sabaton makes – you know, the albums that looks more like a real book rather than a CD case. It’s sort of unusual for me, who don’t even like digipacks, but I guess I remember the feeling of standing in the line for the signing session in 2012 and learning more about the Caroleans in that line than I ever have in school, and I just like that feeling you know? So I got the album, as I already told, on Sabaton Open Air. I was a little worried, that I’d end up with complete doubles but then I saw a picture of this album and saw they weren’t the same. Oh yay.

I just didn’t realize how different they were.

You see, I do have a small section, next to my leopard patterned CD stand where I put oddly shaped CD cases, like Taylor Swift’s “Red” or Sabaton’s “The Art of War” you know, the edition that included the book by Sun Tzu. However, I am not sure at all that this earbook version of the CD will fit there.


IT’S SO HUGE! Yes, you are all free to laugh at me. I have actually never had an earbook version of an album before, and now I’m starting to get a bit scared about the Epica pre-order I’m about to place… I sort of you know, like regular albums that fit into regular CD stands, haha! Oh dear god.

I did notice I’m missing my dogtag, so I’ll go over the box again some other time to make sure it isn’t in there, and then talk to Nuclear Blast about it.

However, I am sooo pleased with this order, and now I’m just eagerly awaiting the tank itself. I’m so excited! I just love these sort of special editions.

// Sara

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