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Delain @ The Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland 11/11 – 16

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So, as I left off in the last entry, at 5am in the morning did my precious, beautiful, loved above all friends left me alone in our suite. I decided to stay, after all, seeing that Delain was playing in Dublin today, and five years ago I left London the same day Sabaton played, and since that day I decided to never again leave a country or city the same day a band played. So, around 6am I went back to bed to sleep about…. three hours. My train from Galway was leaving at 11, so it wasn’t a whole lot of sleep, but it was at least something, you know? The only downpart is that one of my bosses rang me up and woke me up an hour early, so I do not know quite honestly exactly how much time I actually slept in the end.

So, up I got, hurried to pack everything and get ready, and then set off to Dublin. It was probably the longest trainride I have ever experienced in my entire life, gladly, Niki made it a bit more bearable by talking to me on the phone. I seriously hate it when you leave your bestfriends and then you are on your own.

So, around 14 I arrived in Dublin and went off to check into my hotel. After this, I met up with a friend and we hung around a bit in Dublin, walking around the streets, eating a bit – we didn’t have a lot of time seeing I arrived so “late” and the doors for Delain opened so soon.

So, we got back to our hotels, got ready for the show and went down to the Button Factory. The good thing is that, while being a big town, Dublin is fairly small so pretty much everything is within walking distance. Just a little bit after we entered the venue, Kobra and the Lotus began.

Kobra and the Lotus

They delivered a very good set. Good, and energetic. I love Kobra as a front woman, she really knows how to get a crowd going. It was a very, very enjoyable set and I’m glad we made it in time to catch them. At first, when I listened to them, I was a bit unsure but you know – nothing beats a good liveperformance.



Fairly quickly after Kobra, Evergrey began their set. Once again they delivered a very very good set, enjoyable as hell even though I must admit I’m not a big fan of them. But, good show nonetheless!

After Evergrey, I quickly went to the bathroom only to run into a friend of mine, Jay! Even though I met her both of the two days before, it was still nice to see her outside the band, running into her like this. Very nice.


Arrived back, in good time for Delain to start.


The lights went out, “The Monarch” began and the band walked onstage and opened strongly with “Hands of Gold”. Goddamn what a rush it is to see them again. Like I’ve said before, I wasn’t very convinced with “The Human Contradiction” but “Moonbathers”, holy hell, easily one of my top albums this YEAR! They followed up with “Suckerpunch” and then one of my personal favorites on the album “Glory and the Scum”. Seriously, I just love this song so much.

The band delivered extremely well, and it was really good to see them now on their first run in Ireland. Next on the list was “Get The Devil Out of Me” before my personal favorite all time with Delain started – “Pendulum”. Seriously, I cannot tell you enough how much I love this song – and it’s everything about it – the arrangements, the lyrics, the heaviness in the music mixed with heavy lyrics, easily my favorite on this album.

“Army of Dolls” and “The Hurricane” followed, then “April Rain” before it was time for another personal favorite of mine – “Here Come The Vultures”. Seriously, this one still gets me as much today as it did last year. Absolutely love it.

“Fire with Fire” and “Danse Macabre” – another two of my big favorites off “Moonbathers”. Seriously, I cannot get over how amazing “Danse Macabre” is, especially not live. So amazing. It gives me chills. They followed it up with “Sleepwalkers Dream” and “Stay Forever”.


They then proceeded to start “The Gathering”, and seriously, I get chills everytime I hear this song. And I still regret not grabbing my company to ask them to dance with me during this song. It’s so good for that.

They wrapped up the set with “Pristine” before leaving the stage, only to return as normal and finished off the whole set with “Mother Machine”, “Don’t Let Go” and finally “We are the Others”.

Seriously, this show was so amazing. I am beyond happy that I stayed to see this show as well, it was worth every single little penny from the re-booking of the flight. Delain, everytime I see you, my love for you grows even bigger. If we are going to continue in this pace, you will soon be one of my big five bands. And it’s not a long road to walk for you. I love you.

We hung around a bit after the show to let the people leave, and then headed out for some drinks later in the night for some quality time, and then parting ways.

This was a really good day, though I must admit I really really miss my little piu piu tktktktktktk friends SO MUCH. I wish they could have been there with me.

// Sara

Lordi @ The Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland 9/11 2016

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Finally, FINALLY the purpose of our trip – Lordi. I do have to briefly talk about something else though very quickly. As you guys know, the American election was going on as we were going to bed, and at first we did follow the voting, but then went to bed. We hoped we’d wake up next morning to see Hillary Clinton win, but as you guys probably know, she did not. It was a very very uneasy feeling waking up and reading that Donald Trump had indeed won the election, so I can’t exactly say we had the best of moods to start off this day.

We started off by having breakfast before Nathan headed back home to shower (he takes forever to shower) and the rest of us did some quick shopping before getting back and getting ready for the show. Obviously, or, as usual when it comes to Lordi, we always want and try to be first in line, so around 14-15 we headed down to the venue, and of course, there was no one there. A little while later, Gavin, a guy I met through Lordi Army facebook page joined us, and it all turned into a cozy little party. We played some cardgames, talked, danced around, jumped around, listened to music – you know, ordinary queueing stuff.

As it got closer to opening time, finally other people arrived, and as soon as the doors opened we claimed our spots in the frontrow and started to await the first supportband of the night, Silver Dust.

Silver Dust

First band of the night was the Swiss theatrical metallers Silver Dust. I wasn’t sure at all what to expect from the show, even though I was looking forward to the show after hearing their album. And boy, what a show! I was blown away! It may sound harsh, but seriously, this was soooo good. A combination of charismatic bandmembers, thematic music and an amazing stage show left us all blown away. Thank you, Silver Dust!


After they left the stage, the wait for Shiraz Lane began, which wasn’t too long.

Shiraz Lane

Shiraz Lane is an 80’s hairmetal band from Finland, fittingly enough, and it’s pretty good band if you ask me. They delivered a very enjoyable and energetic set, which really got us in the mood for Lordi.


And then… the eager wait. Wait for what we actually came there for. Lordi. And right when we thought we’d wait longer than needed, the lights went out and “God of Thunder” started.

And you know… When “God of Thunder” starts, that is the exact moment when all the built up excitment in you starts boiling, not bursting, but boiling, and you feel the adrenaline pump in your vein. Whether you are a KISS fan or not, you will absolutely love it.


Then, “SCG:VIII: Opening Scene” started, Greyskull came on stage and the band started off with “Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I wanna be the Beast man in the Masters of the Universe)” and you know, THIS, THIS is when you absolutely BURST. You feel your soul blow up to a big balloon and as you hear the keys of Hella starting it shatters, shatters into a lot of pieces of glitter all over the place.

They followed it up with “Babez For Breakfast” and I can honestly say I’ve really missed this song in the set – especially since it got a lot heavier with a new drummer putting their stamp on it. Ultimate headbang song. “The Riff” followed, next “Hellbender Turbulence” which, you know, it was a great surprise for us to see it back.

Next up, was OX’s bassolo, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. So basically, he’s going through all kinds of bassoriented genre’s, spiced with a “SHAKE THAT ASS!!!” “ASS!!!” which left us all laughing. A nun came on stage trying to stop him from playing this ungodly music, but naturally, he slayed her. The bassolo soon emerged into “Bite it Like a Bulldog”, and oy vey am I glad to see some Deadache songs back on the list! Ultimate!

And next.. And this my friends. I’m going to just… “Icon of Dominance” was the next song on the list, and this is, as you may not know, one of my absolute favorite songs Lordi ever made. And I never in my life thought I’d get to hear this song live, ever. And seeing it on the list, and then hearing it live, I can’t… I can’t even… put words into it. This moment. This one moment.


Next up was Mana’s little moment with the drumsolo, merging into “Hug You Hardcore”. Seriously, this song is such a song to just go crazy to. I love it, and next, our little moment. “It Snows in Hell”. Down we go, and so does Mr Lordi. It’s always so cute when he tilts his head over to mimick us. But then… what came next…

“Children of the Night”.

At this point, I’m at loss for words. This song. You know, “It Snows in Hell” is far away from being a favorite song with Lordi, far far, and I always complained about them playing this one particular song, and always said “Can’t they just do Children of the Night or something”. And now. Finally. At last. They do this. This is also one of those songs I never ever thought I’d ever hear live, and it was such an unreal moment

This was followed with a keyboard solo, with a gigantic baby coming out on stage together with it’s mother. Hella’s baby, you know. It was a nice little moment, followed up with “Down with the Devil”, which is also one of those, just, nice fucking songs. I don’t even know how to put it properly.

“Blood Red Sandman” was next, followed by a very interesting guitar solo. So, Amen goes about, playing his guitar doing his thing… when Hella comes up. Walking foxy toward the center of the stage, she starts a strip tease. Swinging her vest around. That… was sexy. Sexy as fuck.


“Hard Rock Hallelujah” was next, followed by “Sincerely With Love” before they wrapped it up with “Devil is a Loser”. They walked off stage, came back and wrapped it all up with “Who’s Your Daddy?” and “Would you Love a Monsterman?”

After this, the band thanked for themselves and walked off stage, to the tunes of “The Night the Monsters Died”, ironically. Damn. This show was just sooooo good. Like, beyond good. After the show, we headed for the merchandise to pick up some goodies, like Silver Dust’s album and a backpatch, after ALL THESE YEARS. We hit it off pretty well with those guys, and moved on to a pub all together to spend some good quality time together before getting back to our hotel and sleep for like, three hours.

partytime partytime2 purchases

Drumstick is from Mr Killjoy, the unknown album is from a local band.

This day was soooo good, from start to finish. I can’t even explain how amazing this day was. Thank you everyone!

// Sara