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An Intimate Night with Lordi – A tale of Spit and Ice cubes: Part Two

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**** Lordi @ Monroe’s, Galway, Ireland 10/11 -16 *****

So. The lights went out. And then the very very well recognized bass tunes from “God of Thunder” and we just… exploded. Most of the arena did. Execept the two people next to us, who had so ferociously fought for their spots… why? Bites me. And then… “SCG:VII” and they started off the set with “Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna be the Beast Man in the Masters of the Universe)”

And this was just so weird. All that was between us and Lordi, where a pair of monitors and all of our stuff. I have been to shows before where there have been no fence, but seeing LORDI like this, LORDI without a proper stage show, NOTHING was just pure weird.

They followed up with “Babez for Breakfast” before stopping. Stopping to tell us that, they have no stage show tonight becasue of the small stage. And that they do not have any setlist, so it was up to us to choose what songs we wanted to hear. This left me standing there confused, because I had no idea what songs I’d want to hear. So, essentially, let the mainstream crowd decide. And of course, the first song of choice was “Hard Rock Halleujah”. What else do you expect from a pub in a smaller Irish city? So, “Hard Rock Halleujah” was next, followed by “Bringing Back The Balls to Rock”.


Next song was one of the songs that were actually cut in Dublin – “Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein”. I felt a little uneasy when Mr L stood and proclaimed “WANNA HEAR A SONG ABOUT RAPING?” but you know… what can you do. It was good to hear it again though!

“Hug You Hardcore” followed and… all eyes turned to Nathan. You see, on the evening of the Presidential election, Nathan made a bet. That if Donald Trump wins, he will take off his top and swing it over his head in “Hug You Hardcore”. And seeing that Donald Trump actually won, he had to own up to it. And fair enough, in the last chorus of the song we did indeed see Nathan take his shirt off and swing it over his head. I fucking loved it.

I’m going to apologize right here – I didn’t keep proper tags on the setlist, so some of the songs can be a bit out of order. Next song on the list was “Blood Red Sandman”, and I think that somewhere along here, they also threw in “Rock the Hell Outta You” and “Bite it Like a Bulldog”. And also, somewhere along here, we had ice cubes coming our way, because apparently, one bandmember thought it was time for us to “cool down” a bit. Seriously, I love this band.

After “Blood Red Sandman”… it was time for our little moment. “It Snows in Hell”. Since there were no actual fence, what happened is that we created pillows and matresses out of our stuff, and simply laid down on it, like as on the floor. And as soon as we got ourselves comfortable, we saw a very familiar face getting very close to us, having water dripping, or more like, spilling out of his mouth all over us, drenching us worse than he has ever done before. He then proceeded to dedicate the first line to us, as per usual.

And then.. “Children of the Night”. And this people. This is where it got fucking serious alright. Lordi had no stage props. Nothing. So, I guess, Mr Lordi saw an oppurtunity and he took it. He used us in the song. He showed us off to the audience, that he hid us under the floor, because us being here made him sore, and that we still gotta be there, that we are not going anywhere…. At first I thought he was just singing the first line to us as usual, but soon enough I noticed he was actually fucking USING US AS PROPS. What a rush! What an absolute rush, to be used as props, completely unexpectedly. I loved this song so much already from the start, but now the song is just closer to heart than it ever was before.

“Who’s Your Daddy?” followed, “The Riff” next before they did “Down with the Devil”. We tried out our new little trick for “Down with the Devil”, which will probably only work for this show because of the flightcase, it was funny.


As we notice the band getting ready to wrap up their set, we start chanting “HELLA! HELLA! HELLA!” Because yes. They didn’t have any stage show. But they had one thing they could do. Or she could do. And after we chanted a bit, she indeed started stripping for us.

And I guess this is what made this show so special. Sure, it was a very special, weird and odd show to start with, but what made it even more special for us, is the fact that it felt like we were the only fans that existed for the band. So much interactions, so many “inside jokes” with the band, out of nowhere, so many things they wound up doing for, and to us. I can’t really get over this.

They wrapped the whole set up with “Devil is a Loser” and “Would you Love a Monsterman?” before they left the stage and we just stood there in awe. What an amazing show. What a fucking show. It was so good, and weird to see them like this. The only fucking minus though, is all those people who created fake mosh pits. You know, those people who think that just because they are at a metal show they can behave any way they want. It hurt us a couple of times, especially those times we almost knocked over Lordi’s monitors. Nice, huh?

After the show, we hung around a bit trying to comprehend it all, before making our way down to the merch. Myself, I picked up on the “Hug Me Hardcore” shirt, and Paula on some other things. I think Sophie also got some stuff. We had met up with a Polish guy, Kacper, before the show, so together with him, and with Mike of course (the angel brought us water bottles!!) made our way back to Lordis stage to take one last picture together, to treasure this moment forever.


We said a last good bye to everyone in the venue, Kacper leaving early before me, Soph, Paula, Nate, Mike and Gavin made our way outside the tourbus for some more hanging out and catching up. After Mike had went to bed (hehe) we went over to Lordi’s tourbus to say good bye to everyone… but only to regret it. A stupid group of drunk people had made their way there, knocking on the tourbus, even trying to BREAK INTO the tour bus a couple of times, making us very very embarrassed to be there. Gladly, they weren’t with us.

After some time, we said good bye to Gavin and went back home to our hotel – but at this time, it was already 4 in the morning, and having a train leaving at 5 we saw no point in trying to go to bed, so we spent one last hour together, on the floor in one of the bedrooms talking about how much we love this silly little band from Finland, and how amazing this trip had been.



Thank you guys. So fucking much. This trip was beyond amazing.

// Sara

An Intimate Night with Lordi – a tale of Spit and Ice cubes: Part 1

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**** Lordi @ Monroe’s, Galway, Ireland 10/11 -16 *****

So, we got up at about 8 in the morning to get ready to leave for Galway, which was easier said than done. Gladly, I had gotten a really really cute Leap card – their buscards with FROGS on them, so getting to the busstation was actually easier than it could have ended up being. We got on the train.. And you know, I got flashbacks from Clermont-Ferrand earlier this year.

It was the same group of dead-tired pathetic looking crowd that got on a train sitting there staring deadly at each other. After a while, we one by one drozed of to sleep, or well, not all at the same time but… You know, we slept like three hours, and despite that, it’s difficult to fall asleep. I don’t know if it’s the excitement or if I’m just waay too used to sleeping very little, but hard it was.

fuckoffmate irishnature sleepynathan tiredpeople

After some time, we finally made it to Galway and the first person we run into at the trainstation is no one less than Gavin himself! Good seeing him again. We got out on the road, or well, out in the small little village that is Galway and found ourself a really cute little pub to sit down and eat in. We decided to try the Galway Hooker beer, because I swear to God – ever since I came to Ireland, I haven’t been able to NOT sing “Galway Hooookerrrrr, hot little motherfucker”

galwaybydaygalwayhooker lucnhycheers

Once done with lunch / dinner / whatever it was, we headed off to check into our hotel, or, our SUITE. Because, despite being one million stairs, there was indeed a good nice suite waiting for us at the top, and holy hell. We sort of wish this was the suite we had when we were in Dublin. The balcony alone was bigger than our room in Dublin! And this hotel was even CHEAPER than in Dublin! What are the odds.

suite1suite5 suite4 suite3hallwayinsuitebathroom

Anyway. We started getting ready for the show. Reluctantly. Very, very reluctantly. WE HAD A SUITE GODDAMN IT, WHY WOULD WE WANT TO LEAVE?


But of course, we also need to be in line, because seriously, if we went this far, why would we let those front row spots get lost? So, said and done, we headed off toward the venue. After some walking, we finally made it there, and we were greeted with a small little pub. Mike came out and greeted us, and informed us that the supportbands would play on a different stage than Lordi. Which made us feel rather… uncomfortable. What do we do? We really wanted to see Silver Dust, but then what? Nathan then so graciously offered to skip out on Silver Dust, and we managed to hook up a girl, named Paula, to also help out as she was only interested in Shiraz Lane. That was super, super nice of her!

So, the queueing went on. We got to dance around to “SOWCA” a bit while the rehearsed, hung out with each other, got superkind gifts from Mike in the shape of drinks, chocolate and an album with his old band Monstersound.

After a while, Paula, Sophie and I went back to the hotel for a bathroom break, but also to collect my phone and dinner for everyone who wanted it, and then back to the venue for some more hanging out before the show, as another guy had joined us. Seriously.

I was asked, why do you go to the venue so early? What is the point? And this is the point. The point is that we are all there together, with only each other at the only company and entertainment. No TV to distract us, no computers, nothing. We do have phones, sure, but they are sooo rarely used when hanging out like this. I promise you that.

As the clock approached 21, the guards got ready to finally open the door, only to be told by the manager that they had to wait another half an hour. We were sort of taken aback from the late opening hours. 21.30. For a Lordi show? It felt so odd, but getting it really confirmed from reliable sources, it had to be it. BUT FINALLY, the clock hit 21.30 and we were let in.

So, we ran up the venue only to get very confused. I asked the merch girl that, where the hell do I go? And she showed the way. But first, we went up to Lordis stage and it was the most pathetic and adorable thing I have seen. The only thing even rescembling a fence was a flight case, on which we nailed up the flag and put our stuff before getting into the hall where Silver Dust was playing. Seriously. So cute. So intimate. And how do we do “It Snows In Hell”?


We went into the second room, only to noticing it being completely empty. Also without any sort of fence. We went up close to the stage, where the drummer was already waiting for the show to start, and you know, it always feels so awkward. We just stood there and smallchatted with Mike before the show finally started.

Silver Dust

So, for the day, they actually got to use their magic mirror! It showed us an enchanted opening scene, that I barely dared to look at in case of surprise moments, but it was all good! So, the rest of the band joined him on stage, and they fired off yet another amazing show. Seriously, it’s so mindblowingly good, I can’t get over this band – where have they been my entire life? I’m especially fond of the finale – where everyone is playing the drums. I love it. I love this band. Holy hell. Thank you!

161110silverdustmonroesgalway 161110silverdustmonroesgalway2 161110silverdustmonroesgalway3

After Silver Dust, we went back to Lordis arena – I didn’t really WANT to skip Shiraz Lane, but what can you do? When we came back, we noticed some very special people had tried to claim our spots. We tried arguing with them, but stupid people are stupid – and apparently, these people have never been to a metal show before, so we gave up. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because we still got good spots, and all was fine.

Once Shiraz Lane was over, the people started gathering in the Lordi section and then… Lights out…

To Be Continued

// Sara