Lush Life

I’ve spent this weekend taking it relatively easy. I’ve been heading over to Misa’s and Glimon’s, accompanied by William for sort of a gaming weekend, merged together with an election watch.

It’s been a great weekend – a lot of laughter, a lot of randomness, a lot of politics and a lot of progress on Aria.

She’s finished the doctors career, finally, and have now officially started the detectives career. After she’s done with that, she’ll be doing the gardening challenge. So at this point I’d be better off trying to install yet another one of the expansions pack to discover. I’ve been around Seasons now and it’s nice. My next plans are to potentially move her to a different house.

Another nice thing is me recieving my order from Lush that I placed together with Misa.

These are the items I got, The Experimenter, Intergalactic, Sunnyside och MMMelting Marshmallow Moment. I’m really excited to try these products, while I do realize it won’t really happen until after tour.


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