Chasing The Dragon

Very well. Here we go again. Today has actually been relatively calm as far as touring booking goes, besides me potentially adding another date. I mean, I shouldn’t, because fuck me already with this tour, but why destroy a winning concept? And it’d save me a hotel night anyway.

We learned today that Brothers of Metal has signed with AFM Records. This makes me beyond happy! I’m glad to see more is going to be coming from them, although I was a little disappointed to see that the first release will be, basically, a re-release of “Prohpecy of Ragnarök”. But good for everyone who doesn’t have it!

I can’t really believe it’s just a little over a month left until I leave for the tour. It’s an unreal feeling that this what was just scribbled on paper, is finally happening. But I can’t wait to get back on the road, get back down on the continent, and seeing all my friends again. That is the most important part, you know?

// Sara

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