Lookie lookie what arrivey in my mailbox today!

My Wacken ticket for next year. There is really something very very odd about being booked up a year ahead, but what the hell do I do you know?

Speaking of being booked up, certain parts of the tour are also falling into place. I booked my hotel for Paris today, finally, so that is all done. I also got the flights and tickets for Sumo Cyco in Hamburg, and AS IT IS will be next to follow together with bustickets and concert tickets for Budapest. It’s weird to see the tour finally taking shape, rather than just being put out shows in a document.

Lordi announced a show in Finland today, which is awesome as fucking hell. At the end of the year, so it seems I’ll end my year with Lord. Worse way to go, right?

And as if this day wasn’t eventful as it was, 70.000 Tons of Metal are finally sending out booking codes. I didn’t exactly need that to be released at this very moment, but I’ll just do what I always do – fucking wing it. That has worked for me these past 12 years of touring, so why exit a winning concept huh?

// Sara

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