Tróndur i Gøtu

Wow. It feels good to be back writing. So what am I actually up to these days? Not a whole lot.

I mostly spend my days working and working away, preparing for what, as I mentioned yesterday, will be the biggest tour of my life. At this point, everything is coming together in really weird ways, like, that flight here and there is being booked, and nothing is being done as chronologically as it should be. Like, I just booked my flight to London in November, but haven’t even gotten my hotel for Paris yet, which is the START of the tour. But you know, it will all work out in the end. It always does.

That aside, I got a new album today.

“Kven” by Hulkoff, if it wasn’t self-explanatory. I’ve been hooked on this since Sabaton Open Air, so it was a natural new addition to the collection.

// Sara

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