This is really something else isn’t it? I’ve had probably my biggest blogging hiatus since I started 11 years ago. I haven’t written a thing since May, since “Sexorcism”. How weird is that.

In the mean time, I’ve been attending four festivals – Sweden Rock, which was a pleasure as always. Biggest highligt on the fest was Vixen, hands down.

Masters of Rock – a completely new festival for me, which was.. Interesting to say the least. Never before have I experience a festival where they run out of water for the guests to drink. Nor did they allow you to bring your own waterbottle. Strange indeed. Powerwolf and Avatar holds the tie on highlight of the fest.

I returned to my dear Skogsröjet with the best of company – was really a great festival. Alestorm had the best show – are you surprised to even hear me say that?

But the highlight of the festivalsummer goes to Sabaton Open Air. Perfect line up, perfect camp, a lot of raging and treasure hunting with my dearest Szilvi. Highlight was most definitely ReinXeed. Fucking hell, who would have thought?

During my abscence, Powerwolf has managed to release a whole album, and Amaranthe and Dynazty have both released singles. Maybe or maybe not will I get around to that eventually, at least the latter two.

But for now, all I can say is – it’s good to be back. And this time I’m gonna try to stay around. This fall I have the biggest tour of my life coming up – in this writing moment it stretches as far as two months, and going through several countries. But I can’t wait for it, honestly.

// Sara

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