New costumes – new era

Wow I have so much to catch up on. But rather start here and now, right?

Sooo, it’s those exciting times again in the Lordi cycle – the new era, the new costumes – the new album – everything! And first out, the costumes

So there you have it people! The new Lordi 2018!

And wow.  This was not at all what I expected, and I’d be lying if I denied that my eyes went first to Hella. Her game has sure as hell been sexed up, but she’s looking damn good doing it. If I hadn’t known that she has some say in her own costumes, I’d probably be burning up over it, but since she do – all kudos to her. And I’m beyond happy she’s back to blonde. FINALLY. And also. Is it her babies on her bra or what?

I like Amen’s new look. With the picture that’s been delivered you can’t see much detail just yet, but his mask must be one of the more evil ones he’s had. But then again, not a lot of improvement was needed considering “Monstereophonic” costume was his lowest one TO DATE.

The first thing that came to mind upon seeing Mana was Kita’s costume from Deadache era 2008. Like, they have the same barber. And his fangs look nice. Aside that, you can’t really see much of him with what is given.

Same kind of goes for Mr Lordi. I am totally digging the skulls as well as the eyeball necklace, and the mask is looking damn good – but too covered.

Now, OX… Maybe I’m just wearing off the first crush or something, but this is by far the best costume OX has had. He’s looking absolutely terrifying, like the devil himself was reincarnated into a hellbull and put in a band in Finland. It’s been some time since I felt intimidate by someone in this band… But now I am. Well done!

So. That’s the first impressions. Lets now await the close ups for a more, broken down, look at the costumes

// Sara


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