70.000 Tons of Metal: Day 5 – February 5th, 2018

I was not sure if I should even enlist this day as 70.000 Tons entry, considering it was basically just this, but I’ll let it slip.

So, as I was being told by the schedule that disembarkment would happen at 8, so I actually got up. I said good bye to Alyssa, one of the girls I shared the cabin with as she was the only one awake, and then met up with Sjorven in the Alhambra to have some breakfast in the only café that was opened. After some time, our numbers were called and we got off the ship.

When collecting out luggage, we ran into Sabaton again who came to greet Sjorven, and then, the long line to get out of the ship (customs kind of thing). And then.. finally out.

It really passed fast, the cruise, but it was good to be off and getting ready.

After some major issues with the car rental service, well, they don’t really know what service is, we finally got on the road toward Everglades City. We had chosen a rather.. more luxuary resort for our stay this time around. Right off the highway we found the place, and we checked into our little cabin.

By this time it was around six or so, and mind you – the last night, after Sabaton, I just didn’t bother and went to bed in my camopants, like I’ve done so many times before, so I’ve been living in these clothes for the past 36 hours or something, when we took the car out again and hit up some restaurant. We found this real nice truck stop kind of restaurant, so it didn’t really matter.

Great staff, great place and great food. After that, it was time to hit the sack.


// Sara

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