Sign of the Dragonhead

And with that, the day that I’ve been waiting for, or rather, that we both had been waiting for, was upon us. I was leaving at the mere hour of 8(!!) in the morning, which is not too bad compared to other times I’ve traveled out. The plan was to meet up at Arlanda, and then take the plane over to Fort Lauderdale together.

I arrived quite a bit earlier than Sjorven, like, a few hours earlier, which is totally okay since I simply had some nice breakfast at Espresso House in the wait for him. Once he arrived, we headed off to the departure hall, checked in and got through the security. We found a nice place to have some sort of a lunch before boarding the plane together with a handfull of metalheads and bands who were obviously heading off to the same destination as us. It’s nice to have fellow people with you, isn’t it?

The flight per se was good. The problem for us was the man sitting next to us. He complained that we had to go to the bathrooms, and even accused the flight attendants it was their fault he spilled drinks on himself. Special type of guy, isn’t he? Especially considering HIS KIDS was causing a smaller commotion. I don’t mind kids on planes, but if you are going to complain – make sure you are not a problem yourself, huh? And the best part was that he didn’t even realize I was Swedish until I showed Sjorven on the map where in Sweden I lived. Horror in his eyes. Yes, I heard you trashtalking us for going to the bathroom ONCE ON A TEN HOUR FLIGHT. But the games onboard was fun!

Well. Once we arrived, was pretty uneventful. We ended up next to Sabaton in the line to immigration, and we spent a lot of time by the carousel to get our luggage, and like, everyone elses luggages too since people are apparently too slow or something. Found myself tripping over Sabaton because apparently they are in the way.

Once out of the airport, we got a Uber and got to our hotel, which was a real nice charming little typical U.S. Motel. I really liked it. We went for a walk for food later that night, and nothing more eventful happened.

// Sara

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