Across The Sea

I’ve spent most of my days working, packing and organizing for upcoming trips. For the next trip I’m making, it is something like three trips in one, I pretty much come home just to change my bag. So how convenient then, that I’ll actually prepare myself well and make sure I pack all the bags BEFORE I leave for the first one.

Might sound a bit too much for the average person, but I know for sure myself I’ll thank myself so much once I land after the US and just have to move the toiletries to the Lady Gaga bag and not think of anything else, and more importantly between Civil War and the US, where I’ll probably be stressed as heck instead.

So essentially, I need to start thinking about what I’d wear for Toto and Lady Gaga already now, which feels surreal to me. I haven’t even gotten around to properly pack US yet, but I guess it’s a different story with that, am I right?

My playlist these days, aside “Sign of the Dragonhead” consists of the bands playing the cruise. I better listen through them all, so I don’t end up missing out on something great. Like I’ve done a lot in the past.

Oh, touring preparations. Oh so fun.

// Sara

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