Leave’s Eyes new album is currently on my table, and it’s looking promising so far actually! I’m intrigued to dig deeper into it.

Besides all the preparations for the trip coming up, I’ve gotten around to deal a little bit with my apartment. A long time, very long time ago, my parents got me these vinyl shaped bowls, which I really wanted, but at the end of the day, I had no idea what to do with.

Gladly, with my new place, they are coming right to use. The smaller one I use in the bedroom, and the smaller one in the kitchen, and I store them to hold teabags actually. I carry quite a few different teaflavors, and it’s always a hassle not only deciding but then go and get the box to pull it out, so I’ve gotten myself the luxury to have a few bags of every box in both of the bowls, so I can easily take or choose one when I need it.

On top of that, my new set of coasters, also vinyl shaped, arrived the other day, so if I only find the light green one, I now carry around six of them, which should be enough at least for a while! I plan to get more as time goes by, as I like the luxury of just randomly having them placed all over where they are needed, thus I don’t need to think about it all. I got dashing colors this time, so I am very very happy!

The place is starting to feel more and more like a home. And I love that.

// Sara


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