We Believe In Metal

Brothers of Metal is pretty much the only thing that is currently going on repeat, as I’m working  A LOT these days to make some extra cash before crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and it seems to me that Brothers of Metal is the only thing that works for me in the background, which also inspires me to work more.

But with that said, I can’t believe it’s only about two or three weeks left until I see Gloryhammer and Civil War in Vosselaar, and after that it’s just one mere day or two before we take off to the US! It’s coming so close so quickly that I don’t even know what to do. I started packing, but I sense the travel fever hitting the better off me already… but I’m sure it will solve itself very soon.

And I’m still all too pumped about festivalseason. Before I leave for the US, I need to pack a bag for Toto and Lady Gaga, so as soon as I come home, I can simply repack everything (the hygiene products) in a different bag and then head back to Stockholm. It’s going to be sooo much going back and forth, but that is what happens, right? Ah, tourlife.

Today we’ve been celebrating my mothers birthday. She’s turning 57, and it was great popping over to celebrate it and to catch up on the latest.

// Sara


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