Universe on Fire

Another day has passed, and whole first week of January has passed! And we all survived! Or at least I did.

United States is creeping closer as we speak, and I’m starting to put together our initeray for Miami. Looking around the state, where are in fact the thing we wanna see, where should we stay, you know, the normal things. Because why not, right?

Other than that, I still have this really weird hype for the festival summer. I can’t wait for it, like, at all. Which doesn’t make any sense, I have so many shows to still go to just in January and February, and I’m thinking about things happening in June, July and August. It’s crazy.

But probably, this comes from the fact I know I will have the greatest of times at the festivals, because I always do, and that is what I love the most.

The festival seasons, and the tours, and everything, may just come.

// Sara

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