Days Gone By

For some reason, completely out of nowhere, I got so excited for festivalsummer. Because clearly, I cannot focus on one thing at a time.

I guess this comes from my boss speaking of vacations the other day, and me and Niki starting to hype a potential Lordi camp at Masters of Rock, that I’m just looking forward to it soo much, I can’t even deal with it. And I’m even going to sort of a festival in just three weeks, so I should take a chill pill, but it feels like this years festivals might be different, in a way, and I like that.

I’ll be going out to our wilderness store some day now, to look for a new matress and sleeping bag. I want something smaller and lighter that I can bring on my backpack, and my sleeping bag I had for so long it’s sort of time you know.

But oh, I have so many great things ahead of me. I am truly blessed.

// Sara

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