Today has been a real good and productive day. It feels like I’m finally just like that snapping back into work and everyday mood, which I am so grateful for. I have managed to pick up quite seriously on my training again, which is beyond important for me. To finally get back to that.

I applied for my first job in forever, and even got a lot of work done today. Not as much as I might have wished for, but still good enough.

The evening was spent with Linn, it was way too long since we last saw each other, so we got together, went to the store, bought and cooked some tacos for some cozy tacos time. Hours of talking about music, festivals, experiences and good food, was a great evening to say the least, that ended way too soon, but I’m sure we will do it soon again!

And that aside, I just keep working and prepping for United States. So soon!

// Sar

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