Civil War @ Falkenberg Rock Fest, Falkenberg, Sweden 26/8 – 17

So, yeah, this thing about Sabaton Open Air being the last festival didn’t exactly happen. And I suppose you are not surprised, so perhaps I shouldn’t be either that I wound up on yet another festival, but this time, in a lot smaller scale.

Since we were really only interested in one band on the bill, we decided to get a one day ticket, and to head down somewhat in time for the band to enter the stage. For once in my life, we actually left in a good amount of time. We even had time to stop by in Gothenburg to pick up some food. Even better, we had a bit of a shitty incident on our way from Gothenburg to Falkenberg, which ran as smooth as ever as well!

Once at the arena, we simply went inside and watched the remainder of Liv Sin’s set. It was a great set – she’s a really cool frontwoman, and I enjoyed it a lot.

After the set, we were escorted out of the venue because of soundcheck, which was a bit… weird to me, if I can say so, but oh well. It means we had better chance for front row. And when they finally opened the doors again, we gained our spots. Perfect!

Civil War

Right as announced, the band walked on stage and started off the set with “USS Monitor”. This was the first time for me seeing them with their new singer, Kelly Sundown, and I was about to learn that this was his first show in Sweden as well. Good on you Kelly!

“St Patricks Day” was next on the list, tightly followed by “Gettysburg”. As I sort of imagined, the turn out as far as FANS went, wasn’t too big – BUT – the house was somewhat full. Just energydrained. “Deliverance” off their most recent album was next on the list, and I guess about this time I can honestly say that I love Kelly as a front man for Civil War. He is doing such a good job! And he fits right in.

“A Tale That Never Should be Told” was next, followed by one of my personal favorites “I Will Rule The Universe”. “Tombstone”, which was quickly grown into one of my personal favorite songs was next, and seriously, probably the best moment on the entire show. I really love this song.

“Bay of Pigs” wrapped up the set, they left the stage only to return to finish off the set with “Rome is Falling”.

The band thanked for the time, and left the stage.

Personally, it was soooo good to see them again, I loved it. I have missed them, I really have.

After the show, we excited the venue again, went outside and watched that band outside, and then came back in, at least I was, to catch Lillasyster. They had a better turn out, I guess they are somewhat of a local band, or just very very big. I’ve seen them once or twice before, so I enjoyed the set even if I’m not a big fan. Was a nice wrap up.

After the show, we headed back to the car and drove to a nearby breakstation where we parked for the night and went to bed. Tomorrow was time for new adventures.

// Sara


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