The Eagle Has Landed

The last week spent with Sjorven visiting we did a lot of fun things together, and to be honest I’ll just group them together in one long entry, as there are some of them.

Firstly, the day after Civil War we were set to go to Liseberg. However, we had some car issues that gladly were easily resolved. So, we got a little bit later to Liseberg than planned, but no major issue if you ask me.

We had a fun day – doing a lot of coasters, eating candy and good food and for me, spent a lot of time in the arcade hall. In the events where Sjorven would go on roller coasters I can’t ride because of my heartcondition, I would gamble at those bigger games, and I actually won the Balder Race. Which surprised me.

Once the park closed we headed straight home and went to bed.

We went to Fulufjälets national park to witness Njupeskär’s waterfall, which was really cool. The last time I visited something like this since my time in Australia. It was really beautiful. We stopped in Malung on our way home to have delicious pizza.

The last couple of days were spent playing a lot of Pokémon Go. We got into raiding, so we went all across the city to participate in Raids and walk around the city. One of the last things to do before he went, was to see Amaranthe.

// Sara


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