I Can’t Go On

Alright. One day late, I’m sorry for that (remember I told you about busy busy life? Yep) but yesterday, we finally decided who was going to represent us in the Eurovision Song Contest, and thanks to the jury, Robin Bengtsson with “I Can’t Go On” won.

Well. This isn’t exactly the outcome I was hoping for. I was really believing in, and rooting for, Wiktoria. I really thought she had this one. She had shaped up her routine – changed her wardrobe into a red body suit rather than the blue dress, and the performance was improved a thousand times. But, even without the juries, she would have ended second and Nano would’ve won with “Hold On”.

Well, I guess we could have had a worse entry, even if I personally would rather have seen Mariette, Jon Henrik, Owe Thörnqvist or Ace Wilder (if the two aforementioned was out). Basically, almost anyone haha.

With that said, Congratulations Robin to the win, and good luck in Kiev!

// Sara

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