As I came home from work today I noticed a particularly interesting package on the counter that had arrived for me this cloudy, Monday afternoon.

OPUS MAR! I’ve seriously been waiting for this album for so long! And this is not even a joke. I can’t remember when I actually first pledged for this album, and finally, finally, it’s here! After all this time!

Here it is! “Opus Mar” in all it’s glory. Naturally, since I just got it, like, literally just now, I haven’t gotten around to actually listen to it yet, but I’m so happy to see it here. Pretty little lovely Sumo Cyco. I was absolutely addicted by their previous album “Lost in Cyco City” so I really hope this one matches up.

And oh, they threw in a cute sticker too!

This sure as hell cheered up my Monday. I’ll give you thoughts on the album as soon as I have any!

// Sara


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