Battle Beast – Bringer of Pain

So! Finally I’m getting around to write about Battle Beast’s newest album, “Bringer of Pain” which was released quite some time ago by now, almost a month actually. Time really, really flies, doesn’t it? But as you guys know, I have been a bit occupied but now it’s time!

So, “Bringer of Pain” is the fourth album in line for Finnish band Battle Beast, and they are coming back stronger than ever, at least if you ask me. And not to mention, very versatile.

It starts off with a melodic, yet pretty heavy song in “Straight to the Heart”, very classic Battle Beast I’d say, and then launching into a pure heavy metal song in the titletrack. And this is exactly how the album moves about – it goes from being more melodic and synth based in songs as “King for a Day”, which is a bit like an anthem, “Familiar Hell” and “Bastard Son of Odin”, and then heavier songs such as “Lost in Wars”, “The Eclipse” and “God of War”. Of course, a ballad can be found in “Far From Heaven”.

The order the song has been put on the albums are great – I don’t know if it’s coincidence, or if it’s well planned, but they mixed it up perfectly with having pretty much every second song, making the album go up and down all through it.

Then we have the odd song out. “Dancing with the Beast”. Brings your thoughts back to “Unholy Saviours” “Touch in the Night”, but even more in the pop spectra than the aforementioned. It’s lacking any sort of metal element to it, which I find interesting. I love it. I love the dreamy kind of intro to it, and the beat all in all. The songwriting on this album is superb, and it’s fun to see the others contribute to the writing as well.

The album as a whole is very solid – I’m really liking the diversity. How you have songs literally from pure pop to heavy power metal stuff, keeping the album interesting all through the album in my opinion.It’s a bit hard for me to find the words to describe exactly how much I love this album, but let’s just say it makes me want do dance with the beast. I haven’t been able to stop listen to this album since it came out, well done Battle Beast!

Favorite song: Bastard Son of Odin
Least Favorite song: Rock Trash (I don’t dislike it, but I have to choose)
Dance-friendliness: 7 /13
Headbang-friendliness: 8 / 13
Crowd-friendliness: 9/13

// Sara

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