Dancing with the Beast

I have had an interesting conversation with a friend today regarding more pop-based, or at some point, pure pop-songs, released by metalbands. Good examples of this would be the title, a song by Battle Beast, but also “Limitless” by Amaranthe.

And basically, my question is this: Do metalfans buy this, despite it being ‘pop’ just because it’s released by a metal label?

It seems to me sometimes as you come across “metalheads” (real metalheads in my meaning do not judge or bully anyone on their musictaste) that will make fun of you, that will degrade you or even to some point exclude you for listening to other things than the holy heavy metal. Yet, despite this, “MAXIMALISM” as an album gets 9’s and 10’s in the reviews, and “Dancing with the Beast” has become a really popular song within Battle Beast. Especially the latter one, what makes it any different than the average Lady Gaga song, other than who sings it? Nothing, really.

Anyone has any thoughts on this? Is metalheads that easily fooled? Or are they secretly popfans in disguise?

// Sara

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