Give Me Light

Today we did a little bigger trip – over to the Santa Monica Pier. Not a too big of a trip from Hollywood, but enough to make us set it out as a daytrip. And when we got to the beach it was just… so great.


We strolled down the pier checking out most booths, and had delicious ice-cream down on the beach, taking it easy, chilling, grasping the sun, talking about the matter of life and death… Normal things you know.

santamonica1 santamonica2 santamonica3

After enjoying our ice-cream and crashing a musicvideo recording, we ended up on the Third Street Promenade. I was stupid and forgot my hoodie at home, so we found the first best clothing store and picked out a nice navy blue cardigan. I don’t have a picture of it sadly, but it did keep me warm. We stopped by a candyshop as well before deciding to return home to have some In-N-Out burgers before returning home to a good nights sleep.


// Sara

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