So, the last day for us in the US came to a start, and it was somewhat heartbreaking to think about that today is the last day. Today is the last day we’ll be walking up and down the Sunset Strip, tonight is the last night we have to sleep hearing the sirens and cars on the busy road outside.

For this day, we went down to the music shop – The Amoeba music store, the biggest CD shop I have ever seen. I left the place with Battle Beast’s selftitled album, FINALLY, I have it in my possession! I loved this place though. It’s the biggest recordstore I have ever seen, and the selection was perfect!


We then continued on to Hollywood Blvd in search for good touriststuff. Yes, I’m a real sucker for that because it is important to me. We also took the chance to take a glimpse of the Capitol Records building. It’s mighty.


Later in the afternoon we headed off to the Grove again and the Cheesecake Factory for some last day dinner, but not completely alone – we were being joined by my Icelandic friend Tinna that I got to know all the way back in 2005, but had yet to ever meet. Nowadays she lives in Los Angeles, so we took the opportunity to meet up. It was unreal and weird to see her in real life, after all these years! But better late than never, huh?

We had a great meal, and then parted ways. Nathan and I headed home and got changed and headed off to the Rainbow for some drinks. But not just any drinks.

Today marks the five year anniversary of Otus death, and we figured we had to go out and have drinks for him. So there we were, in Lemmy’s Lounge at the Rainbow toasting for Otus. We miss you, buddy!


We ran into some, for me, fellow Swedes and had a good party going on until some sort of celebrity walked in. I had no idea who it was, and the guy even waved to me and I was like “Hi…” and once we’d left the place, I was told this was former pornstar Ron Jeremy. Interesting. The more you know, huh?

Once home, we packed and eventually went to bed preparing for tomorrow… the travel home day…

// Sara

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