Going to California

Today was another one of these more “lazy” days – I’m guessing because of the show the night prior. That and the absolute downpour prior to it which gave us both a slight cold.

What we did though, is walking down to the farmers market down by the Grove, which was more like a market square if you ask me. On the one side, with the fancier buildings were the more high end store side – it looked like it was taken from a fancy movie or something, and with the music and dancing couple it felt like I was sent back to the 50’s. We walked around the stores for a while before going to the other side of the buildings, where a big market blew up.


It was a whole bunch of different stands with different kind of food from all over the world. I guess it’s called a world market for a reason, no? It was amazing walking around between all the different cultures and smells and take it all in.

After walking the long way back we sat down with a glass of wine enjoying some episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” trying to recover. These past days with all the walking took out its right on our feet.


// Sara

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