Sanctified with Dynamite

On the agenda for the day was the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

For the first time since we got back to L.A. we got some bad weather. However, it looked only cloudy as first so we thought “Eh, we don’t need to take our raincoats”. Of course, it started pouring like there was no tomorrow as we walked the hour long walk down to the Walk of Fame. And to make it even worse, we accidently passed it on top of everything. What are the freaking odds of that.


But, it wasn’t in vain though – walking too far led us to the biggest recordstore I have ever set my foot in – Amoeba Music Store, and we didn’t even know where to start when we got in there, but soon enough we found the metal section and started morphing about. I need to get back there to pick up an album, but couldn’t exactly do it this time.

We finally figured out where we went wrong, and after a quick stop at McDonalds to avoid the worst of downpour, we continued our journey. We finally found our destination, and it was fun to watch the stars, and doing occasional stops whenever you found a star with an interesting name on it.


But what really DID catch my attention, aside the stars, were all the alternative stores lined up by the streets! Ran in and out of every store, constantly, finding all kinds of things. We also got to the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood-sign lookout and the close by shoppingmall… And as we were about to go in Forever21 we noticed the streets has been shut off by police, blocking the streets, and the next thing we know we are being evacuated. Apparently, a suspicious package had been found at the metro station. Bummer.


However – I finally got a hand of a U.S. flag for my jacket now – the first flag on the other side of my jacket. It always feel strange when you add a new flag to your jacket. Surreal feeling.


Well, we made our way home in order to get ready for the evening, when we were about to catch Danse dE Sade at the Viper Room.

To be Continued

// Sara


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