Music Monday I Vixen

I’ve had a great AOR kick lately. I think this might be something that Art Nation brought with the territory, but I’ve found myself listen to barely anything but AOR these past couple of weeks, and I got this serious craze with Vixen for the past week. Out of nowhere I just dashed for the albums I own and crank them loud.

Or, to be more specific, the selftitled release, for now.

I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this album before, but it’s just because it’s so darn good! Starting off with their big hit “Edge of a Broken Heart” the albums just keeps on delivering good tunes, solid playing and just amazing melodies to either sing your heart out to, dance the night away or just indulge in. Sure, it doesn’t exactly outdo it’s succedor “Rev it Up” which is a close to flawless album, but it still got some really good gems – like the more… edgy? “I Want You to Rock Me” or the sweet “Cryin'”.

And not to mention, probably my favorite part about Vixen – Janet’s voice. Janet’s raspy, sexy but yet feminine voice that turns on that extra edge on the tunes, giving them some, excuse my choice of words “balls” to the music, outdoing a lot of other bands of their era.

Putting on this album sends me back many years in my life, but to good years. Good times, happy times. What I don’t exactly understand is why I abandoned this music in the first place, but it’s coming back very fast. It’s good to be back.


// Sara


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