The Real Me

Okay, so, it is sort of funny that I’d write about Art Nation yesterday, because today they finally revealed the artwork as well as a teaser from an upcoming single! And seriously…

HERE IS A LINK TO THEIR FACEBOOK, so you can listen yourself.

Okay, so , this is a teaser from their first single “The Real Me” which will be released on February 24th. And I don’t think I’ve been more excited for a single release as I am for this one! Seriously, that little teaser, I couldn’t contain myself!

I’m always worried when I find a band that in my eyes are perfect, that their next album may not be as good as the first one, or as you’d have hoped seeing the first was so good, and I had my biggest concerns with Art Nation. Not that I don’t think they’d be capable, because I know they would be, but what if they changed direction? Or did something completely different and new without even a touch of their old material?

But no. This song is very true to “their” sound if I may call it so, and not only that, but it also gives me pure eargasm as it has everything that I want – Alexanders amazing vocalwork, uptempo fun rhythms and of course a big chunk of that keyboards that I love so dearly. I love the melody work in what I assume was the start of the chorus, and again the vocal work… I love the way it’s been arranged, at least from this little teaser I heard. I hope the full song is as good, or perhaps better, than this.

I cannot get enough of this teaser, and even though I don’t like when time passes by too quickly, February 24th couldn’t come sooner now.

// Sara

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