Art Nation – Revolution

So, there’s an album that I’ve found myself listening to non stop these past weeks, or perhaps I should say even months. I’ve tried so many times to change the album, or to tell myself that “I need to listen to something else”, but I always find myself going back to this one album. It’s the album I picked up from one of the “smaller” bands playing Skogsröjet; Art Nation’s “Revolution”.

I discovered the band through Skogsröjet really – I was listening through some of their stuff before going to the festival, in order to determine if I wanted to see them or not, and by that I decided to go see them. I enjoyed the show very so much, and picked up on their album. What I did know, is how utterly obsessed I’d become with the album.

To put it very shortly and simply, this album is nothing but pure perfection. It opens up with a strong, yet subtle song that grows in intensity as the song goes on, with the perfect break down – “Need You To Understand”, and the album continues in the vein of this album – pure 80’s inspired kind of hardrock music, and not a single one of the songs are bad, like, upbeat yet heavy lyrically “3000 Beats”, “Moving on” and “Here I am” for the melodic and intense parts, party tunes like “All The Way” and not to mention acoustic ballad “Look To the Sky”.

Alexander’s voice. He has an enchanting and powerful voice, and he performs his parts with such an intensity – raw energy in the more upbeat songs, emotion-filled parts with a hint of almost crying in some parts, creating a more intense listening experience, allowing you really FEEL something rather than just listening to someone perform a piece of lyric written infront of him.

Most of you probably know that I don’t actually listen to this kind of music a lot anymore – sure, the bands I started listening to are still there, but I rarely get into new bands in this genre, but I’ve found that these kind of bands – Art Nation and H.E.A.T, they have a tendency to always make flawless and perfect albums. No transportation tracks, no weaker tracks, just pure magic all through.

I just had to get this out of my system. I am beyond excited about their second album coming this year, and not to mention, seeing them at Sweden Rock. I got so excited seeing they got announced I completely missed out on ARTCH being announced. That says something, huh?


I cannot wait for more material from these boys.

// Sara


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