One of a Kind

Off HammerFall’s “No Sacrifice, No Victory” album. Still to this date, this is my favorite HammerFall album ever made. “Any Means Necessary” alone is enough to love, right? Was an amazing era to see live as well.

Had my friend over today to help me pack, or rather, sort out what clothes to bring and not. It’s so funny with Nathalie, because her and my clothing style are pretty much on the opposite sides of the spectrum, which leads to interesting points of view and discussion when it comes to clothes. For instance, she pointed out how many of my clothes have similar patterns. I never thought that much about it before, but when she pointed it out like that… yeah, she’s right.

We did however manage to sort out some clothes, so what is left now is for me to try out packing all of this in my suitcase. My hopes are that I’ll only use half of the suitcase, or less, rather than overpacking. I know already now that I’ll probably buy some merch from all of the bands, and by doing so I do sort of need the space, you know? Especially if Lordi has hoodies. Damn. Those hoodies.

I cannot really believe it is only two weeks or three before we go. It’s absolutely insane to think about. I can’t even… I’m not ready! But, I guess I will be, once I’m on my first flight to the UK.

NP: Bitter Pill – Mötley Crüe

// Sara

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