Out on the Streets

Song off Battle Beast’s selftitled album. I honestly like this song a whole lot, and it was amazing live. I really hope I can see Battle Beast soon again.

So, today, guess what folks. I’ve finally gotten around to start packing. Or well, sort of. It’s what we would call the first selection. Basically, whenever going on a major trip where I’ll actually be doing something else than just going to a show, and especially if it’s a country or place with a bit of a different climate than at home, I like to go through all my closet to see what I actually have in there. Partly to make sure I don’t forget something, but also to see what I have actually got. My idea is to some day actually CLEAN OUT my closet and get rid of the things I barely use. Maybe one day.

So, the rough draft resulted in two bags, which… isn’t too bad being me. And some of the clothes in there are gig clothes for Powerwolf and Lordi – which takes up some space, and also underwear and bathing clothes, which can’t exactly be reduced. And then secondly, I have put down the things I wish I had brought to Australia. I left this amazing thin bolero at home thinking “ah, I won’t miss it”. And then it wound up being the only piece I missed the entire trip. Good on me huh?

Aside that, I have set up the first rough draft to my charging adapter. Being inspired of going to work yesterday with one of the phones completely dead, and the one with about 40 % battery, I figured I had to come up with a solution as to how I could charge both phones at the same time, and perhaps even fairly often.

So, the idea broke that I could use an old egg-holder, two chords and a charging adapter. So first, I painted the egg-carton gold-ish, whatever, it was a color I had lying around at home, and then I got two cables, one pink and one blue. Do not ask why, because I honestly do not know. I cut holes in the bottom of the carton, and pulled the chords through, and voila. A charging station! Finally!


But now folks, it’s time for me to head to work. Talk to you tomorrow!

NP: Dedication – Lita Ford

// Sara

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