King for a Day

So, Battle Beast has released new material from their upcoming album “Bringer of Pain” – “King for a Day” a while ago, and today “Familiar Hell”. I haven’t written about it, but I sure as hell will now.

Let’s start with “King for a Day”

First and foremost, I’m in love with this. I love the 80’s vibe to the music, which I guess should come as no surprise for any of you that I’m a sucker for anything that got an 80’s vibe, and as someone who loved “blabla” this is so good. Especially that music mixed with Nooras deeper, raspy kind of voice makes it a killer tune.¬†Secondly, I really, really love the lyrics as well. I was already really excited for this album, but this song just enhanced it. Oh dear.

So, secondly; “Familiar Hell”

I do like this song. I didn’t fall in love with it instantly as I did with “King for a Day”, but I have a feeeling that as time goes by, I’ll fall in love with this one eventually, I always end up doing. However, it does go in the same style as the previous song, which is very very promising for me.

I know a lot of people have complained they have turned a lot more pop lately, much like Sabaton did with “The Last Stand”. I can understand the disappointment, but on the same time I can’t be upset about it personally, as I prefer this kind of music. I’m really, really excited for this album now, and I can’t wait for it to come. It will be nice coming home to this.

// Sara

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