Destination Dust

Tonight at work I took myself the oppurtunity to go over three new unopened albums. After a major tour like the one I was just at, combined with Christmas, the pile of unopened CD’s gets bigger and bigger for every day it seems, so it was good knowing and feeling that I could open not one, but three of the new ones for work tonight. Which was a bit of hell by the way – it’s been melting in Sweden these past couple of days, and then freezing upon it, so it was a basic hockey court here and there. The car slided around. Was fun though, and I learned how secure I actually am as a driver.

Enough about that, onwards to the albums! So, the albums I opened for today was my three most recent one; Adele’s “25”, Edguy’s “Space Police” and Sister’s “Stand Up! Forward! March!”. And you know… I was so pleased with all the albums. I figured I’d do a run down over the weekend or so where I’ll break down each and every albums rather than trying to write something here in this entry, but I enjoyed them all tremendously. Especially Sisters, as I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I LOVED, LOVED “Hated” so much, but wasn’t very fond of “Disguised Vultures”, making me feeling unsure about it, but not yet ready to let go of a band that created such a masterpiece of an album that is “Hated”. But now, I’m getting a bit carried away. I’ll write about “Stand Up, Forward! March!” tomorrow instead, but as you can see, I grew fond of it!

Aside that, I will be dedicating this weekend to packing before the US. It is crazy close to it now, and I cannot wait to get back on the road again. After all this time.

// Sara

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