Death To The Martyrs

I’M DONE WITH MY ROOM! Can I hear a hell yeah from all of you? Thank you, thank you so much! I’m happy. This means I can finally focus on packing for the US, because I really need to do so. It’s crazy to think that in a month from now, I’ll almost be on my way home from the US. How? It’s crazy. And it’s going to be so much fun too.

And it got even better today as I collected the photos from my disposable cameras. However, much to my dismay, only 11 pictures out of 55 seemed to survive, and only about six actually had anything visible. I think the mistake is on my side, so I’ll give it another shot in the US, and hope it turns out better. But I’m so happy about the pictures I got – they are all from France, and they got that exact quality I wanted. Seeing these pics of Sophie, Laura, Florian and Emilie makes me long to get on the road again, I’m so ready. Bring it on, 2017!


The only thing that saddens me slightly I guess is the fact that I miss out on HammerFall’s Built to Tour. But hey, what can you do you know. Everything for the monstars. I’m still hoping and praying that maybe, MAYBE they’ll throw in some Swedish or Norwegian dates. I don’t expect it, but you can always hope, right?

// Sara

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