I am I am

So today I visited the rehearsal lot for the first time in what feels like forever. Which isn’t so weird, being sick and all of that! It was really good being back, although right now, I feel like I’m stuck at the same spot, trampling over and over. I know both of the songs I’m currently rehearsing very well, but there are still small things that I may miss out on – like a double bass pedal here, a cymbal here etc, small details that probably doesn’t matter too much in the big picture for someone who’s only played drums for well, barely a year if you count it all together, but it bothers me. When it comes to music, I’m a perfectionist, and I was such all the way since my days in a symphonic orchestra.

And I figured my problem right now lies in the fact that I have to listen to the song and also play it on the same time, and to be fair, while my ear HAS gotten better, way better since I started, I’m still not too good at it, so what I planned to do before next times rehearsal is to transcribe the notes and read from a notesheet when playing, instead of trying to listen for the double-pedal as I’m playing. I’m obviously, as you probably figured from me playing in an orchestra, that I’m more used to reading notes than listening by ear, even though I have no troubles hearing when I play wrong. Hopefully, this helps me move on. I’m starting to get real tired of these songs.

Aside that, I have been running some errands. I FINALLY left off my disposable cameras at the photoshop this afternoon, so I’ll get to see what the result is like before I make up my mind to get more. I searched endlessly for travelsize heat protection for the hair, but none to be found, at least not downtown. I hope I can find some online, because I REALLY want to squeeze my luggage this time, but on the same time I don’t really wanna leave for this long of a trip without all the necessities.

So now, I’m going to call it a day and retreat to Anders Johansson before bed. Good night folks!

// Sara


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