Of Rage and War

Today I’ve finalized all the bookings for the upcoming US trip. It it so exciting to know that all of the pieces are now together, that this is really fucking happening. And very soon too – in exactly a month, I will be in London watching Powerwolf and Epica perform, and the next day, we’re off to California. It’s absolutely crazy to think. But it is finally happening.

These past couple of days, amongst all of the bookings and planning, I’ve also taken the time to properly clean up at home, and I’ve had company by Kobra and the Lotus’s “High Priestess” and Delain’s “April Rain”. Both albums are really good, I really love the old school kind of power in Kobra’s voice, combined with that kind of metal. The first time I heard the album I wasn’t exactly convinced, but it got better the more I heard it.

I think “April Rain” is a really good album, although “Moonbathers” still hold my number one positions as far as favorite albums goes. Speaking of albums, the two remaining Christmas gifts from my brother arrived today!


First one is Edguy’s “Space Police (Defenders of the Crown)”. Despite the huge astronaut absolutely scaring me during the tour, I fell in love with their opening track “Love Tyger” and thus had to get the album. I’m eager to dig into this.


Second one is Sister’s new album “Stand Up! Forward! March!”. It’s the third in their discography, and in all fairness, I do not have “Disguised Vultures” just yet, but despite so, I’m very eager to get into this. “Hated” alone was a masterpieces – not a single “dead” song on the album, and those albums… I basically live for those kind of albums, you know?

With that said, I’m now going to get myself ready for bed and snuggle up with Anders Johansson again.

// Sara

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