Go Away

So, today has been a real slacker day. I actually promised myself this would not happen, but after todays work I was just dead. It’s something about me and stable work – whenever I’m about to work in the stable, I simply cannot fall asleep. I don’t know if this is a subconcious thing because I’ve spent the past two years going from the club straight to the stable, and thus only sleeping three hours. Or less. Oh well. It leaves me very tired at the end of the day, and even though I did have very little planned, I got not too much of it done sadly.

What I have done today though, is looking at new tents for the festivalseason. I have had my silver tent for a good ten years now, and sadly, it has started to mold a bit. Sabaton open air does, for now, mark it the last festival it was ever erected on. Who knows, maybe it will return one day.

I’ve been looking at a three or four person tent (SPACE!) with an additional room. What I always missed on my old tent was an extra space, like a livingroom or what you wanna call it, a lounge, in case it was raining, or just to get out of the sleeping room to get a bit more space. And this one got that. And it got a roof height of 1.90, which is amazing! Now I just have to save up for it… It ain’t cheap sadly. But it’ll be worth it.

Even though I have a lot of exciting coming my way soon, I can’t wait to be back at the festivals. Like now. Speaking of that, Alestorm announced today they’re recording a new album. Great news, isn’t it? Just in time for festivalsummer.

// Sara

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