All That I Bleed

I feel confident about this year. A couple of days ago I wasn’t really ready for 2017 to begin, but the focus has shift into an excitement that bubbles in me to no end, which makes me… well, happy! I guess it’s because I’m seeing the light of the tunnel. Clearing out toxic people out of my life has helped so much, and finding new opportunities and possibilities in everything. I’ve even found myself drawing new blueprints, which is was something I haven’t done in a long time.

Speaking of which, the tour is coming together as well. Today we booked the flights and the last accomodation for our trip, and it makes me soooo happy. So happy knowing how close we are. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finishing up booking a tour and knowing you have an incredible funtime ahead of you.

And now we get to the other preparations. Like, what should I wear and bring? I plan to bring as little as possible, but still want to be smashing. Gladly, I have the gigs themselves sorted out, so I really just need to know what I would want to play around with once we have some free days off.

And speaking of that, I got some exciting news for you as well. I have been blessed enough to get a GoPro camera from my mother, so hopefully I will, or we will, be able to actually start making documentaries again, starting with this US trip! How amazing isn’t that? I hope it turns out great.

With that said, I’m now retiring with my book and possibly some more bookings. Until next time!

// Sara

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