Conversation Piece

Christmas just keep on happening for me! Today, an additional pair of albums arrived in the mail, this time actually FROM my brother.


First off: Nightwish’s album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. Having fallen in love with songs as “Elán” and “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” I sort of had to get my hands on this album eventually. I guess the only shame is that it took me this long! I can’t wait to dig into it deeper.


The second one, perhaps a bit unexpected to you guys, is Adele’s “25”. At first, as with most things, I was a little annoyed at “Hello”, but the more I heard it (thanks to work) the more I fell for it, as well as “When we were Young”, so I figured it was about time that this one found it’s way into my record collection. Adele is completely new ground for me, having only heard “Rolling in the Deep” and the two aforementioned, which will make it really, really interesting to get into! I love to start with new artists, and even more so when it’s a little “outside” the comfort zone, so to put it, you know?

It’s really exciting to get so much new music these days. I have a large pile of unopened albums, that just keep growing bigger, but it’s only because I really wanna take my time with every album. Listen it through properly, to the point where I can actually pinpoint songs I like, and perhaps even don’t like, to allow songs to grow on me, to allow me to get tired of some songs. I don’t want to end up with a lot of albums that I barely know the content on just because I rush through it.

With that said, I’m now going to bed and preparing for tomorrows workday. It’s a bit hard at times to get back to work after being sick for so long, but I’m hanging in there! It’s going to be a rough couple of days, but I’m sure I’ll get through it. And after all; Money.

// Sara

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