My year in Music

So, time to sum up this year in music. I’ll be using LastFm, which tracks all the music I’ve listened to on my iPods, which will help me.

So, to start off with, my five most played artists.

5. Sabaton

This surprises me a little bit – that they’d be so “low”. They are my second all time played band, but at least they are still on here, right? This year they released their new album “The Last Stand” which I have a love-hate kind of relationship to. I do love it, from a fans point of view, but I also dislike how self-plagirised the album actually is. But, these guys never ever fail to entertain.


4. SlipKnot

I started off my year with SlipKnot, and I guess most of the plays come from there, but it is no major surprise at all. The shows earlier this year was… good. It feels horrible to say these things, it’s just that, the show was so stripped down as to compared when we saw them last year, and even songs that are basic crowdkillers were gone. They still entertained, absolutely, but..


3. Amaranthe

I did honestly think this band was going to be a little bit higher, seeing this is actually the band I keep the most songs of on my little iPod, but everything surprises you! It’s not odd that they are on the list, they are one of my absolute favorite bands, and I love it every time I get to see them live.


2. Powerwolf

So, no big surprise here. The major tour in April and also the autumn tour leaves it’s traces, and also, simply epic music! Next year I’ll start my year off with Powerwolf and Epica, so it is kinda perfect, don’t you think?


  1. Lordi 

No big surprise that the best band in the world would be number one! The release of their new amazing album “Monstereophonic” has a lot to do with this I reckon, but I can’t even say anything more than that really.


Moving on to next category, most played ALBUMS of 2016.

5. “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE” of Amaranthe

No surprise. This is my favorite Amaranthe album to date, even with “Maximalism” released. It’s heavy, it’s electronic, it’s just amazing.


4. “Blessed and Possessed” by Powerwolf

No surprise here. It was my first Powerwolf album, and it’s also one of my favorites by them.

Blogis 595

3. “MAXIMALISM” by Amaranthe

Amaranthe’s new album claims the third spot on this list. Which is sort of fun, seeing what I said about “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE”, but I’m guessing a little bit of this is because of the fact that it’s a new release. Always when I get new albums I really listen through them a lot to get used to them and getting a proper impression.


2. “Bible of the Beast” by Powerwolf

This surprises me a bit, that it’s so high, but the list is meant to surprise you.


  1. “Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs Demonarchy)” by Lordi

No surprise this album is at the top. It’s such an amazing album, such a jump up for them since “To Beast or not To Beast” and “Scare Force One”. I cannot stop listening to this album, that is just how good it is!



And now, I’ll talk about my own personal albums of this year. This list will not necessarily contain albums released this year, only albums that have had a lot of importance and impact for me this year, in no particular order at that.

Art Nation – Revolution

I have been somewhat obsessed with this album ever since I got it, to the point it is pretty much the only album I’m actually listening to these days. It’s just a masterpiece of an album.

Savatage – Edge of Thorns

This is the album I turn to whenever I need something that soothes and calms. For instance, when I bath or when I just want something in the background that itches my brain but not consumes me too much. It’s hard to explain, but it’s something with the lyrics, the singing style and the music that just captures me.

Delain – Moonbathers

Delain is the only band in this world, Charlotte is the only songwriter in this world that I’ve come across, that knows exactly how to channel my emotions. Never before have I related so much to someones music, which makes this album very close to heart and personal because of it’s content.

Sumo Cyco – Lost in Cyco City

This album has become a bit of a good friend. I turn to Sever and the boys constantly, and I guess she’s coming close to Charlotte as far as songwriting goes.

Powerwolf – Metallum Nostrum

This album is a bit of my best friend, you could say. This is the one album I always listen to when I work – regardless of the job, because it’s a best of playlist, but with epic music. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s my go to album


So, that is a little about my year in music. It’s crazy sometimes to see these numbers, and I’m more than ready for 2017, at least musicwise!

// Sara

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