We Are The Others

Hello folks. Sorry for the late update, I’ve finally started to get back to work after being sick for so long, so it has taken a little bit of time to get used to everything, and to make it better, I start off my shifts with stablework and then nightwork the same time. So I basically went out harder than I normally would have. But hey, why not?

To put a little sparkles on my day, I got some late Christmas gifts, that were actually unexpected as well.

The first, was from my mother.


Delain’s album “April Rain”. This was a bit unexpected, seeing I had no idea she had more incoming, which made me superconfused when I opened the box. But nonetheless, it’s was very welcomed! Now I’m only lacking one Delain album before I have the complete discography – well, on the album side anyway!

The next is actually from my older sister Caroline.


“How to Build a Girl” by Caitlin Moran. Looking at the description of the book, it sounds very interesting and I’m looking forward diving into it!

And now, I’m getting back to bed because I’m literally falling asleep here.

// Sara

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