SWEET CREATURE – The Devil Knows My Name

Sweet Creature is the new project of previous Crashdiet guitarist and current Sister bassplayer Martin Sweet. As someone who considers Crashdiet one of the bands closest to my heart,and being an avid Sister fan, I got pretty excited when the project was announced and pledged it right away. The singles didn’t disappoint either, so, when I finally got the album, I was thrilled!

Hearing Martin Sweet on the vocals is nothing but mixed feelings. I’ve heard him sing before, but on the same time it’s a bit odd – it’s almost like hearing Crashdïet, although a bit toned down, just with yet again a new singer. I really have to remind myself it’s not them. He has a pretty good voice though – I’ll give him that!

The album opens with “Not Like Others” which are filled with the typical sleaze-attitude you’ll find on pretty much any album in this genre, and the album continues in the same venue. I’d dare to say it’s a bit toned down as compared to previous works by Crashdïet, almost giving you a demo and retro feeling to it. The material on the album is pretty good – it’s got a bit of everything – big anthems and powerballads (I really, really like “Purpose In Life”, it’s beautiful). It’s decent materials – but nothing that really stands out for me right now, despite listening to the album several times. There are some moments on it – like “Purpose in Life” which I mentioned, single “Not like Others”, “Perfect Day”, “Burning Midnight Oil” and the titletrack. So, there’s a lot of potential.

I think this is a pretty good start – I think it’s noteworthy to keep in mind that all of the production that goes into this album is done by the band themselves, which adds to the whole feeling of it, if it makes any sense.

I think this album is very good as a start, but I do feel there’s a lot more to give. If you have the chance to check it out, please do! I think you’ll enjoy this little gem.


// Sara

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