REVIEW: Herman Frank – The Devil Rides Out

Herman Frank, mostly known as ex-guitarist in Accept is back with his third soloalbum, following the successes on “Loyal To None” and “Right in the Guts”. What makes this album remarkable different from the others, is that the band for the first time has a permanent line up, with Rick Altzi still doing the vocals.

“The Devil Rides Out” is a fun kind of party album as far as the music goes for the tunes. It’s cheerful tunes with a high class attitude riding through the sound of Herman’s strings. Certain tracks are heavier than others – while some being all about the melody, however, what really takes place and stands out are the guitarsolos, the album is basically about the guitar solos, except that one bass-based song “I Want It All”.

Lyrically it feels pretty typical in a way – I’m not sure how to properly describe it, but it has it all – the outcast songs, the “not-being-able-to-take-it-more” songs and heartache songs. My personal favorite on the album though, is “Ballhog Zone” which quite fittingly is the single, but what really gets me with that song are the lyrics.  About these people who act like they are on top of the world, and treats you thereafter, but in reality, at the end of the day, they are really the biggest losers, because what will they do when they stand there all alone?

It’s a pretty decent album. It has got some good potential, although it hasn’t exactly stuck on me just yet. If you’re into sweet riffs and heavy tunes though, this might be an album for you!

(Label: AFM Records)

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// Sara

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