Burning Midnight Oil

So… last minute you could say… we decided to head off to London. Because honestly, this is what Lordi does to you – it’s the most addictive kind of band in the world, and even though you think you are going to be good off with seeing them twice or so, that never happens. The same situation happened last year – we went to three gigs, and then despite that, last minute decided to head off for the gig finale again.

Because of this, I’m honestly starting a special savings account only for the sake of “last minute Lordi trips”. So, this gig has been booked very quickly, and I’m somewhat impressed with myself for finding cheap flights and cheap hostels with only three days notice in fairly central London. Gotta give myself some creds for that. However, I’ll be leaving literally right after work, so I’ll see how that goes, haha!

So with that said, I’ll leave you with this half hearted half inspired blog entry, because I got a bag to pack, and a plane to catch. See you in London!

// Sara

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